A Week In A Noisy Household – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

10 Jun


A domestic setting and three young girls, a spanking bonanza for an imaginative CP screenwriter. Parents of the girls seize every opportunity to discipline their bottoms. The father is shown typing fiction hunt-and-peck amidst normal tumult in the house. A punishment chart is kept posted in the girls’ bedroom, the same storyline as ‘Cane on a Nail,’ but here there will be three naked tushes to work with.

A little blonde, a brave Lupus regular, is the first to be spanked, bare skin, for horsing around and injuring her sister, playful stuff which wouldn’t cost you your pants anywhere except at Lupus. Father smacks her bottom OTK.

Another daughter arrives home late and fearful, knowing this warrants another tick-mark on her punishment chart. Harsh domestic times for young ladies–a daughter’s schoolwork is poor–she must soak a pair of punishment panties and gets the belt over the dining room table, after the always entertaining bottomless soaking and pulling-on-wet scene in the bathroom.

The little blonde breaks a dish and gets the leather belt on the spot in the kitchen.

The oldest daughter pees in her pants trying to return home–her father took her key privileges. She cleans up in the bathroom, the father rips away the towel and she gets the hairbrush over the tub. She is very embarrassed, while we are highly entertained by a thorough smacking.

A TV repairman appears and becomes a very interested voyeur to the spankings. He watches the father spank a daughter bare-bottom with a wood spoon for poor schoolwork and actually manages to stroke her bottom bruises. The little blonde must show her bottom to him, despite her pleas.

Stana, the brunette with the boyfriend on the doorstep in some scenes, is sent outside to cut some switches. She is directed to strip naked and gets down to a diaper, which she too wears because she is so nervous. She lies on her back on the couch, the mother peels off the diaper, her legs are taken up in the ‘diaper’ position, for a short, fierce, wicked switching. She struggles and thrashes mightily under the onslaught, but the father pins her legs still enough to keep her bottom a good target. She kneels naked at the conclusion, the camera holding on her striped buttocks. Great scene.

Now comes Saturday night, when the ticks on the punishment charts are tallied. The girls line up with their charts and will be caned one at a time. Each girl will strip naked in front of the family, bend over a chair, and take the strokes she earned during the week. In frontier times, Saturday night was bath night. Different here. Ouch.

The little blonde strips to just shoes, walks back naked to pee in the bathroom, nicely filmed. She takes 19 fast, very hard strokes over the chair, then kneels in tears where we can study the results. The tall brunette strips, the camera goes to the bathroom with her, and she gets 26 strokes, her nude body quivering under the impact. She kneels. The third daughter gets 18 strokes, and soon all three kneel naked for a long, slow examination by the camera, where they must await dinner.

The father returns to his typewriter, contentedly nips a swig from a bottle at his desk, and is quite satisfied with his Saturday night.

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