Cane on a Nail 1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

10 Jun

M/f; time: 30 minutes

A very early RIGIDEAST, #3 in their catalogue. It is a nasty and intimate performance with just two actors, made long before LUPUS’ merger and the forays into crafting art. This is a good old-fashioned spanking film. Alenka, a brunette, comes into her bedroom naked, hangs a cane on a nail, marks a scoring chart on the wall, cries and hugs her teddy bear. Closeups of her bottom show she has just been caned.

FADE-another day. Alenka strips naked, puts on a common domestic flannel nightgown, takes the cane off the nail, and reports to a man in the next room, who is looking at Polaroid photos of Alenka’s bare bottom after a caning. She falls on her knees, begging. We assume this middle-aged guy is her guardian.

Another FADE- the guardian is dragging Alenka by her ear into the house from an exterior shot. He takes her OTK in her bedroom, a very hard handspanking on her flowered panties. Squeals. It is just beginning for her. She must pull down her panties, while he removes a large leather belt. Back OTK for the belt, the swings not easy to do from this position. He slashes from several angles. Closeups in the RGE manner–almost clinical in nature. This session ends with her kneeling cornered, bottom exposed.

FADE: Alenka is preparing for another caning. She pulls off her nightgown for punishment to begin, but she is sent to pee first. She walks from room to room without embarrassment. The toilet scene is vintage RGE. Back in the kitchen, her guardian has her bend over a kitchen chair, stark naked but for shoes, her young girlish figure and wide feminine hips on parade, as in fact her body is the main theme throughout the video.

Legs wide, shaven charms on display, a 10-minute caning scene begins–not hard or mean strokes, but persistent stingers, and the marks and wheals begin to develop. There are camera views from around the set–closeups of her bottom would permit wheal counting. Excellent shots of her tearful, miserable, reddening face, including through her spread legs as she hangs over the chair. She quivers reflexively.

At the conclusion of this punishment, the guardian is seen writing a letter and enclosing photos of Alenka’ s bottom, either logging in his results to her parents or sharing his trophy with a friend.

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