Alice and the Maid – GASLIGHT

11 Jun

M/2f; time: 39 minutes

Part of a Victorian series by Gaslight. Niece Alice is warded to her Uncle John. Characters are fully costumed in detailed Victorian and care was taken to assemble a realistic antiqued set, although they will use different parts of the same room for the action. Alice arrives at dinner, attended by maid Beatrice and female household manager Bainbridge.

On her first night, Alice hears noises from her bedroom. She spies Uncle John birching Beatrice , having rummaged through her slips and bloomers to access bare skin. Just six swishes and she is sent to bed, where she tries to cool her bottom. Niece Alice is aroused and sympathetic.

Housekeeper Bainbridge, a tall, attractive, and sophisticated brunette (creating another one of those possibilities where we hope Middle Management at the household will be caught in the wheels of discipline), catch Beatrice not having returned to work, and straps her on the bare right there in her bedroom. Alice hears the bawling and peeks in again.

At the next meal, Beatrice spills water on Alice and earns the birch on the spot. Another sexy search through the folds to find her bottom, then 30 good swipes, and another six for good measure. Realistic gasping. Housekeeper Bainbridge observes, quite interested and aroused.

A narration is over-dubbed, Alice says: “I have feelings for this poor girl…and her beautiful round bottom.” Alice consoles Beatrice and rubs liniment on her sore bottom. Bainbridge spies and will report the scene to the master.

But that evening Alcie is in trouble herself. Her tutor has reported her schoolwork is poor and there is too much boyfriend. “You deserve a dose of the strap.” “No, Uncle, please.” Over the desk, Alice bares her bottom herself. Bainbridge brings the strap with undisguised interest. It is the hardest spanking so far–Alice objects to being humiliated in front of the maid.

Bainbridge chooses this moment to tell Uncle John she saw the two fondling in bed. “Fetch me the birch!” Alice gets about 25 strokes.

This results in another cuddle between Alice and Beatrice, in Alice’s bedroom. The ever watchful Bainbridge catches them again and marches Beatrice to Uncle’s office. Over the ever-popular desk, night dress up. “Fetch me the cane.” About 25 realistic strokes, sweet gasping from Beatrice. Bainbridge has to hold her down and is clearly turned on by Alice’s pain.

Uncle then wakes Alice and tells her she can sleep on the thought that she will be caned after breakfast. In the morning, at the desk, Alice has the choice of the cane or being sent to the Convent. Bainbridge gets the “library steps,” an antique library stepladder you have to admire the director for taking the trouble to have on the set. Alice bends over it, her nightdress rucked up.

After a few especially dramatic wooshes, Alice takes about 25 strokes. Alice lets out shocked squeaks, squeals, and gasps, very erotic. The cameraman must have laid on the floor and shot up her legs. Enough for today in this stern manor.


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