The Babysitter Part 1 – CONNOISSEUR CP

11 Jun

MF/2f; year: 2009; time: 48 minutes

A  bald-headed ageplay father discusses his two errant daughters with a thin blond babysitter, who has just arrived. The girls stumble in, returning late from somewhere. They are two older teenager-types and would not seem to need a babysitter, but what we have here now are three bottoms on-screen, so we will relax and let it happen.

Father will demonstrate how he spanks his girls. Each is taken OTK for a brief handspanking on her panties. Then the father turns the girls over to the babysitter and leaves.

There is a gleam in this sitter’s eye and she wastes no time. She tells the girls to strip down to just panties , which they do without dispute. The girls stand facing us, in just simple white knickers. When the babysitter asks to see their bottoms the girls wise up. “What’s it worth?” They ask. The answer is an offer of a cigarette each. The girls stand in front of the babysitter, who teases down their pants and carefully fondles and strokes their bare cheeks, fully occupying the screen, a highlight which will be difficult to top.

The girls face us, full-frontal. The pigtailed brunette is OTK first. On-screen appears a test graphic–the babysitter imagines what she would do if she were the girls’ mother. FADE to that scene.

The girls report late to their ‘mother,’ who spanks them both OTK, mild but sexy stuff and building. The brunette is sent to fetch a large ‘slipper,’ and she kneels sideways over a straight chair, bottom high, and head and arms almost to the floor, a naughty posture and one which takes concentration when the spanking starts.

The short-haired blonde takes the same position for the slipper. The babysitter pulls her panties up then down again, for no reason we could detect other than for the fun of it.

In another ‘mother’  scene, the girls appear in cute juvenile pajamas. “You’re going to bed with sore bottoms tonight.”  Both girls get spanked OTK, the babysitter quite happy to tug down the pj bottoms. Both are slippered on the straight chair, the girls positioned so two tushes are on the screen.

The girls are directed to strip naked.  The babysitter uses two soft felt martinets, windmill style, on both bottoms. It is light and almost silly stuff, but the trim nude figures are colorful. “Stop whinging.” She commands them.

The babysitter continues her quite inappropriate supervision.  The blonde does a sort of reverse OTK, her legs straddling the spanker, her upper body outstretched and held up by her arms to the floor, wheelbarrow style. With her buttocks in the babysitter’s lap in this configuration, she has two hands free and slaps both cheeks simultaneously.

The next ‘mother’ scene: both girls are totally naked.  The babysitter uses an 18″ long, 4″ wide floppy paddle to slap their bottoms, rear and front thighs, and the girls stand side by side, shuffling, on full display. “Put your hands behind your backs.” 100% Brazilian.

The babysitter steps off-screen to get a cane. The two naked girls laugh and cavort, a most diverting erotic setup for a caning scene. The angry babysitter returns. The brunette goes first, kneeling on a straight chair, head over its back. 15 strokes shown, some repeats using facials. The blonde takes this position–her posture is much more revealing, for about a dozen strokes.

The actress playing the babysitter makes eye contact with the director. It is OK to continue. We may have missed it–somewhere along the way her imagined ‘mother’ sequence has dissolved, and she is back at work spanking the girls as the hired sitter.

The birch will be next. “I know you haven’t had this before.” It is an odd bundle, about three feet long, sheathed in cloth or paper, so only a foot of bristles are exposed at the end, looking like a paint brush or an inefficient hearth broom. The blonde takes about a dozen  strokes and the brunette a few less. The strokes are not hard, but we’re informed the birch creates an accelerating sting.

The sitter gives them a moment to recover then commences to cream both bottoms and hands out cigarettres. She fondles a bottom and is slowly kissing and caressing when the father returns and is shocked by what he observes.

This would be a setup for part 2, if we were the screenwriter everyone should be spanked.


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