13 Jun

MF/3f;    time: 43 minutes

A large cast , a mixture of effete theatrical types and pretty young female drama students, watch the screening of a film, hosted  in the home of the principal actress, a diva-type. The Hostess’ maid moves among the guests with champagne. The actor/producer Pavel Stastny plays a slovenly, drunken screenwriter. We have said that his presence on the screen usually ensures some rousing spankings. And as usual, we eye the attractive girls in anticipation of who will be dropping her pants.

The maid is impertinent in her serving and all too friendly with the guests. The hostess takes her into the next room and soon the sounds of a whipping are heard–there is a brief scene of the maid doubled over, bare bottom, receiving a short martinet session. The gathered guests begin discussing the eroticism of screen spankings and how one could be filmed. The acting is all intentionally faux-corny, mugging double-takes, etc. because these moments are filler for us to get to the real purpose of the film. The scene changes seem choppy and confusing, but we don’t know the language.

Maruska, an acting student, arrives and begs for admission. The hostess decides to spank her in front of her guests, to test out this erotic idea they having been musing on. The country girl, frumpy in her little-girl dress, pigtails, and glasses, carries a cardboard suitcase. She takes a few crop strokes on her dress in front of the group then runs off in horror. But the maid soon returns to say the girl has thought better of it and returned.

The eager and desperate Maruska, far from home,  is brought in and she accepts the idea of being punished in front of the group. They decide her skirt must come up, and that in the ‘Czech’ or “Austro-Hungarian” tradition, her silk shorts must come down. Thr hostess lays on a series of fast crop strokes; the student struggles to stay in position. The Lupus actress has faint marks on her bottom from a previous performance. The guests are aroused.

In a separate scene, the Madame is training Maruska. For posture, she is topless, trying to thrust her breasts out, a board strapped to her back to brace her frame, a book balanced on her head, and her ankles chained together, all to force a theatrical walk. Madame urges her along with crop slashes acress her shorts.

In another training scene Maruska and Helena practice tongue-twister diction exercises, dressed only in simple silk shifts, no underwear. The madame gives each girl a short bare-bottom cropping at the conclusion of this scene. The spankings are intensifying. A coda to this scene shows the two girls on their knees being cropped, practicing melodramatic begging and pleading emotions. Muruska has changed her hairstyle.

Another clever little nude scence from Lupus. Maruska must drop her robe and climb naked over a small hobby horse to play Lady Godiva in front of the assembled guests. It is an ultimate confident builder–to perform nude in front of an intimate audience. Madame makes her rock back and forth while the camera circles her nude figure. Very nice.

Helena has been mocking this scene and is soon in the next room getting another bare bottom cropping, harder, and her marks are beginning to become quite noticeable. Screams and quivering.

Another gratuitous but entertaining scene: madame is primping in front of the mirror, being attended by the maid again, while the effete director of the the theatre group plays with her perfume and discusses his ideas. The madame decides a little more spanking is in order and takes the maid OTK, spreads her legs with a knee to provide a good pussy display, and gives her a hard left-handed hairbrushing.

The assembled theatrical group move to a set where they will stage a performance for Maruska, who of course will be on the receiving end. The fop director sits in the appropriate canvas chair, waving his scented hankies. Several Lupus characters from other films come on-set for comical interruptions. Not sure that it is to our credit that we recognize the characters and their genesis. The story will be that Maruska will be flogged on the wood kneeling platform Lupus used in ‘Fairy Tale.’ She wears a burlap shift and has yet another hairstyle. She is fastened to the platform by red-hooded ‘executioners,’ also from another less playful film. Her shift is ripped from her and she is flogged nude with a martinet.

The filming of the filming is done closeup on her bottom and from a full perspective of the scene, the crew, and spectators. Marsuka is loosely enough fastened that her flailing adds to the excitement. It is long flogging, effective. At the conclusion, the film switches to black-and-white, the product  of the film crew. An actress enters to conclude the flogging; the director tells her after the film concludes. ONE MORE TAKE!  not good words to hear even you are an actress in a spanking film.




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