Kelly And Jane Discover The Cane – MOONGLOW

14 Jun

M/2f;   time: 44 minutes

A simple two-room drama. an author, Mr. Colwyn, is dictating a chapter of his CP novel to his secretary Jane (actress Sara, or Liza Hughes), who sort of faux-types on some little machine. We see her imaginings of being caned on her bare bottom like the story in the text.

Colwyn takes a break and steps out on foot to buy whisky and is puzzled where some of his cash is. You’ve got to love the low budgets. As he walks in one direction there is the sound of a car failing to start. When he returns the car is still cranking.

While he is out, Jane calls Kelly, played by blond Barbie Mel. Jane’s seniority on the household staff allows her to accuse Kelly of stealing the money. She orders Kelly to take her clothes off for a proper search. After some protesting, Kelly strips down to bra and knickers. “Kneel down…I’m going to search you.” Jane slips bills in her panties then finds them. “You bitch. You put them there.”

Jane has the authority to act furious. “Go into the bedroom, take all your clothes off, lie face down on the bed, and wait for Mr. Colwyn to come and deal with you.”

Unfortunately, Kelly doesn’t do exactly this, not yet. She strips to bra and knickers, lays out a leather strap from the bedroom drawer, centers pillows on the bed, and climbs on. This is a CP household, all right! She knows the drill. And she is innocent!

Colwyn enters–Kelly’s bottom is awaiting. “Have you been spanked lately?” “No, sir.” “It’s time to intoduce you to the strap.” “Oh, no, not the strap, sir.” He moves Kelly around to the bedside to get better swings and to give the camera an oblique of Ms. Mel’s round and high buttocks. After some strapping, Kelly convinces Colwyn to challenge Jane’s story.

Colwyn is quickly convinced Jane set up Kelly, maybe just because he can now spank another girl. Jane is dressed more formally, with her blond hair pulled back in a conservative bun. “OK Jane, take off your dress.” “What on earth for?” “Because I am going to spank you.” Jane doesn’t protest very long and is soon down to bra and knickers, modestly befitting her more sophistcated stature. Pants down immediately. “You are my secretary…it should not be necessary to spank my secretary.”

Handspanking, a strap over the end of the bed. “Hmm, nice red bottom.” Moderate discipline, lots of pleading “Oh, sir” stuff and long on ritual. Sweet little struggle. Colwyn wants to know which girl lost one of his chapters and decides to spank until he finds out.

Kelly is spanked back in the bedroom, then Jane, each six strokes. Both girls admit fault. They are to take 12 atrokes or be dismissed. “Agreed.” Slow purposeful canings. A floor mirror is used for Kelly so we can view her face as her bottom is reflected in the mirror. “Knickers up. Send Jane in.” This caning scene was used for Jane’s imaginings as she took dictation at the beginning. Hard strokes–white marks immediately, and the same clever use of the mirror, so Ms. Barbie Mel’s face and assets can be shown together.

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