Marital Misdemeanor – CALSTAR

14 Jun

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 35 minutes

A humdrum plot and unimaginative set are saved by surprising rip-roaring action, quite prolonged and unexpected. Two older women are arranging furniture and in conversation in a large open room, with CalStar’s loop tape of chickens and domestic geese going on the soundtrack. Ms. Carrington and Ms. Bateman are about to be related by marriage of their son and daughter, respectively.

We cut to a scene in a bathroom where cute blond daughter Katie Bateman, dressed in riding habit, is strenuously and expertly working her future father-in-law up for a blowjob. He stands with his trousers down as she sits on the toilet seat. Ms. Bateman discovers them and is furious. Katie is marched out into a large barn-like room to observe. It seems she was carrying out her mother’s instructions to proffer such favors to gain acceptance in the family.

Carrington is going to cane the offending mother first. Chairs are arranged and we go directly to the rattan. Forty strokes are shown being laid on Bateman’s black satin shorts, filmed from several angles, permitting repeats, but it is a long session and the strokes are short and sharp. Bateman refuses to apologize and says Katie is pulling out of the wedding. “And I’m glad I got my daughter to fuck your husband.”

Such hostility kicks things up  a notch. Down come down the satin knickers for 20 more strokes. No apology. Carrington positions a table, stands on it, and slashes down 20 more. Then she moves the table, and lays on fully 30 more, backhand cross-court. This actress is clearly enjoying her dominant caning role. Bateman chokes out an apology. Wedding on! Her bottom is nicely striped from these varied crossing angles.

Blond Karie’s turn comes. Her spanking is even more lengthy, more conventional, but no less entertaining. Chairs rearranged, Katie is taken OTK. Katie has to stand to allow Carrington to unfasten and drop her jodphurs, which she does with undisguised curiosity. And the director seizes this opportunity to reposition her so Carrington can spank harder and the camera can zero in on her bottom. White panties.

“You’re a dirty little tart.” True enough, and efficient little fingers. And a solid, high, spankable bottom when her pants come down. “We’re getting quite red.” Carrington is aroused: “Take this (blouse)off…Let’s see what you look like.” No bra, nifty tidy figure. Katie bends over a chair, her jodphurs and panties tangled at her knees. [that damned aircraft flies over the studio again]

Floppy paddle, hard enough to make Katie’s perfect bottom look at bit swollen. She goes quiet to permit the use of repeats. When she stands and faces us, the minx is fully shaved. Her future mother-in-law is not finished. “Will you be hard enough to be a Carrington…bend back over.” Another hard and very long caning–almost 50 strokes shown, various angles, repeats. The  oblique angles catch her dangling boobs and some facial.

Finally she may dress and go apologize to her father-in-law, but presumably not complete the interrupted task.


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