Wrong End of the Stick – STRICTLY ENGLISH

14 Jun

MF/2f;   time: 48 minutes

Simple fare from Strictly English. Sharon has been sent to her Uncle Steve to be “dealt with.” Actress Zoe plays a naughty blond pigtailed schoolgirl. Uncle takes her  OTK and she points out and he sees she’s already been spanked today, creating a flashback.

Cut to the familiar Strictly English classroom set, where Sharon faces Miss Davis, a small, wiry, curly brunette, wearing glasses, an American actress. Davis has her over the desk, panties down, using a huge wood fraternity-size paddle. Loud cracks and entertaining. We usually see spankers chicken out and pull punches when they handle this implement.

To the present: Uncle is outraged when he sees the paddle marks and calls Sharon’s headmaster. While Uncle goes to the school to confront them,  at home a nude bath scene for Sharon, with the essential bending-over moments.

At the school, the Headmaster is angry with Miss Davis; after she apologizes to Uncle Steve she herself is going to taste the very same paddle, the wrong end of the (very big and fat) stick.

A scene is played out where the cunning Miss Davis explains to Uncle Steve just how truant Sharon has been, converting him to the realization that Ms. Sharon indeed deserves punishment and more. He borrows and takes the cane home with him, causing us to modify our theorem that every single British household has a cane in the closet.

After the apology, when Davis convinces Uncle the treatment of Sharon was justified, Davis nevertheless delivers herself and the paddle to the Hadmaster and takes her spanking without excuses. Over the desk, skirt up, black knickers, bottom framed by black garters. A very hard, brief paddling, worthy of this daunting instrument. She kicks but remains quiet, and keeps her dignity and her panties.

Uncle Steve bursts into the bathroom and pulls his sudsy naked niece out of the tub. She is chased naked into the living room, where she is handspnked–more homage to the wet bottom.

It seems Miss Davis is coming by the house. Sharon has dressed and Uncle Steve spanks her again while they await Davis. The spanking scenes are coming fast and furious and are difficult to tie together with narrative.

Davis is going to cane Sharon for Uncle Steve. She starts off with 12 moderate strokes, counted aloud, Sharon bent over the couch, bare skin of course. 12 more from Uncle, much harder, bringing up welts and wheals. This living room set is simply part of the same classroom scene used, with a couch and backdrop.

After Sharon’s day is complete, little Miss Davis asks to be spanked and caned, confirming that contented look we saw on her face. OTK spanking then a bare bottom caning, 12 more, hard, and they hurt. Uncle and Miss Davis embrace at the conclusion, his hands exploring her bottom.

Back at school, the Headmaster confronts both Sharon and Miss Davis. He spanks them both, yet again!



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