Spanking For Caron – CALSTAR

17 Jun

M/f; time: 27 minutes

We work at random through our vintage videos. This is an American adventure, simple in format, a taboo father-daughter scene in front of a fire at home. A very cute pigtailed blonde in hair ribbons dawdles with a book on the floor, kicking her feet and flashing white panty. Her ‘father’ is an actor we recall in ‘Back To School,’ ‘Exchange Student,’ and other tepid American products. He has played father, headmaster, or teacher, and has a particularly invasive and aggressive method of handspanking, striking very hard, scolding and shouting, squeezing and probing between buttocks and keeping his victim’s thighs open and charms exposed.

“I haven’t given you a spanking in over a month.” Caron has been sloppy and truant, behavior which in this house can cost you your panties. Pink dress up, white pants down, hard bottom, nice. Caron struggles, keeps her legs spread. The camera zooms in on her charms, fully exposed, a view seen in all these films.

Caron stands and hustles her pants back in place. Bending over in front of the fireplace, she must lock her knees and put her palms flat on the floor, which she does with ease. Pants down again, that camera gets between her legs. He handspanks her, smacks hard, to her caterwauling.

Caron is sent to her room without her panties to prepare for more spanking. Her father’s spanking implements are kept right there in her bedroom. She curls bottomless on her bed, hugging her teddy, her little dress riding up and not much help, a nice Lolita roleplay. Her father enters; she gets the strap bent over the bed. She pulls her dress over her head and she is buck naked except for Mary Janes and bobbysocks, a charming young body.

Even more humiliation for the wicked ‘father’ – the diaper position. He slaps her thighs and the camera finds her very young and pretty face. Father warns her with a swooshing cane what will happen the next time, makes her put on a shorty nightgown, and for closers he handspanks and straps a few more times as she kneels.

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