The Apprentice part 1 – ELITE PAIN

17 Jun

M/3f;  time : 35 minutes

We don’t normally seek out this producer, whose work is a little too harsh for our tastes. Yet this film intrigued us, and if you advocate the theory of the proverbial peter meter to measure interest, this film should register. It contains elements of CP and BDSM. ElitePain always has excellent production values, solid albeit it melodramatic  acting, and high-class bottoms.

‘Loli,’ a cult member, has been dragged in front of a hooded male overseer. She wears just little red panties and she is sentenced to a week of penance at the ‘club,’ which is where she must be now, because the guy starts in on her immediately.

Assisted by another girl he pinches the nipples of her bare breastss and puts office-supply alligator clamps on her nose and each nipple. She screams, wildly enough we reduced the volume. The assisting female removes her panties and the Hood attaches jumper clamps to her labia. She screams at the electric shock but does not display the convulsive body reactions you will see when there is real voltage. On the floor on her back, the Hood slaps her labia with a strap.

This session completed for the moment, another man arrives and the Hood tells him: “Here is a present for you.” A steamer trunk is carried in by club assistants; it contains a brassy blonde wearing just panties and bra. She writhes for the men in a stripper-like performance, removing her bra and thong.

A bizarre prop is brought in, sufficiently phantasmagoric to add some humor to this improbable plot. It is a kind of waist-high vaulitng horse, with a row of several huge dildos rising from it, obelisks to carnality. The naked blonde is the men’s plaything–she is directed to suck the dildos as the Hood staps her bare bottom and forces her head down on each dong. The last dildo on this bizarre candleabra must be 3″ in diameter. She can’t get it in her mouth.

The men fasten the blonde with her wrists over her head to a strippers’ pole, with a spreader bar between her ankles. Inefficient but colorful. The girl is whipped with a martinet across her bare front while one of the dildos is detached and forced between her legs. Kooky. Excessive coloring on the marks and wheals but good screaming. The visitor is allowed to take her home with him.

The visitor has brought his own gift, yet another girl, Kyra, a dark blonde  in a simple sundress. The female attendant quickly pulls the dress off–Krya wears only black panties and our peter meter needle jumps. She is the daughter of a wealthy Baron and has been brought to the club for, well, for what they do here.

She is fastened to the pole in the same manner, but with extra straps at the waist and chest. The Hood takes up a nasty dogwhip and wagers his male vistitor that his slave Loli can take a greater whipping than this Kyra, which will constitute part 2

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