18 Jun

M/f;  year: 2005;   time: 30 minutes

Our first exposure to this widely respected production company, and we now see what the fuss is about. A simple enough storyline, and a prototype plot for DST: Ariel has come to the studios to accept a spanking session. She has volunteered in hopes of being a better and more attentive employee. She is a tall, dark-eyed brunette, reminding us of the actress Cher about 30 years ago.

Dallas interviews her Internet-style. Never been spanked except for playful taps; she has heard of ‘Dallas Spanks Hard’ from friends and understands this is not to be a playful session. Nice intimidating setup as this attractive model is held full-screen during the realization.

After a dramatic pause Ariel is asked to stand in front of a door, remove her dress and her panties. She pulls down a simple sundress, wears no bra, and only black boyshorts. She turns her back to us and pulls down the shorts, dispalying a wide perfect feminine bottom. She bends to step out of them, quite mindful of the spectacular vision she presents, and with a touch of runway flair.

Dallas adjust her position at the doorframe, hands just-so, feet wide apart, and begins spanking with an impressive paddle/strap. Ariel gasps and wiggles from the first, round bruises and blotches appear immediately. She gulps air as if she had LeMaze training–a method to diffuse pain. Wonderful erotic tension.

For the next phase, she is led submissively by the hand completely naked, her red bottom the center of our attention, to another informal scene. She first kneels on a prayer stool but then rises and is taken OTK by Dallas. Excellent full-face shots highlight her mystic beauty and her pink nudity. A crisp handspanking on her already ripe bruised bottom creates much discomfort. Dallas encourages her to look into the camera. Unhappy face.

Ariel shifts to a more formal B&D device, a frame with a padded waist-high crossbar. Ariel rest her hips on this crossbar and spreads her arms and legs in an ‘X’ pattern, but she is not tied down. First she hands Dallas a fearsome looking leather satrap. Great looks at her naked body, from the rear and oblique, and of an apprehensive face when she handles the strap.

Amidst much intimidating talk and scolding, Dallas begins with the strap, on a bottom which looks like it already had a meeting with a waffle iron. Ariel can hardly hold still. “oh…fuck…shit.”  She jiggles, screams, and swears between strokes. “Oh. fuck…oh, fuck…” Facial closeups, her long raven hair is matted with sweat and tears run on her face.

This may be just good acting and there may have been help from the makeup department, but DST made a convert and a customer of us. Ariel walks off naked, providing the only frontal, very Brazilian and very glamorous. If it were us, we wouldn’t send her home just yet.

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