18 Jun

2F/2f;  year: 2005;  time: 54 minutes

The use of blindfolds in CP is infrequent, probably a challenge to laws; we enjoyed it here. Miss Beason is hired at a restaurant where the female owner enforces performance with a strong hand.

The owner calls another waitress (actress Emma Brown) to find Beason; it’s  discipline time, for a number of things. The girls, even the owner, wear mock-Victorian short-skirted little-girl uniforms. After a lecture: “I’m going to punish your bottom.” Beason kneels on a chair and is handspanked on nice white satin panties before they come down. She stoically takes her medicine.

Emma joins in the spanking, a domme role later in her career. Ms. Brown is no longer the teen waif she appeared in her first films, making her all the more delectable a  target for us. But Emma does not spank Beason with any enthusiasm here. After this dust-up spanking, the girls are sent back to work.

Beason is soon back in trouble, this time fiscal, for an inventory or accounting error she disguised, much more serious. Madame points out Beason has been trying to “keep us in the dark,” so she’ll get the same. The girls untie her maid’s apron, roll it into a band, and slowly blindfold her with it. Erotic. She remains submissive and compliant. She is assisted to kneel on the chair, her white pants come down. The manager uses a floppy leather paddle. “Oow, please, Miss!” When Emma paddles, she is again suspiciously lenient.

A bigger reformatory strap, delivered from the boss, then from Emma. They move quietly around her, so she can’t tell from where or from whom the next smack will come. The two ladies help Beason to remove her uniform. In just panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels, she is a picture over the table. Pants south, the paddle much harder this time. Beason is left to contemplate, blindfolded, and doubled over grabbing her ankles–a very unpleasant posture to be forced to hold.

Emma returns with a thick synthetic cane. From the madame, seven strokes bending over, then a dozen over the table. She is released, the blindfold removed and she admits she did not make the ledger error but took the blame. It was Emma.

The madame grabs Emma OTK, bunches up her panties, and there’s that butterfly tattoo we wait to see in each performance. Onto the chair, pants down. “Get further down.” The red paddle on her bottom, worth waiting to see. “You know what’s coming next!”

Emma’s beautiful face attracts inserts from the film editors. “Now we know why you didn’t spank hard…guilt!” The paddles and the strap precede the cane, which the madame waves in her face. Over the table, 15 moderate strokes, a lot of rubbing, then about 8 harder ones to conclude. Back to work.


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