Price of a Visa 2 – PEACHES

18 Jun

2M/3f;  time: 51 minutes

Another producer we are not familiar with, one which we suspect has acquired films from other makers. This one employs two actors we have enjoyed in three or four films, actresses Aura Adama and a male companion she often appeared with, in at least ‘Uncompromising Canings’ (CalStar), and ‘The Caning of the Spanish Master’s Wife’ (Moonglow). We burden you with these references because Aura plays a spirited naked spankee and her male counterpart a hard and relentless spanker in all the films. Their presence ensures a good time.

‘Visa 2’ has the staging and feel of a CalStar distribution. (We have not found ‘Visa 1’ yet.) The plot is one CalStar has used before–immigration officials prowling with the paddle and cane to sort out violations off-the-books by helpless comely illegals who fall prey to their grasp.

An immigration officer spots ‘Cheena,’ a Thai girl he has apprehended before, working in a club not permitted on her visa. He has spanked her previously, but this time she will be deported. Of course she begs and he relents, but “It will be much harder this time.”

‘Evon,’ the Spanish actor playing the nightclub manager, hovers around the edge of this ambush, claiming he did not know his employees were illegal, and he would like to assist the IO, have a piece of her himself. He takes Cheena OTK in the darkened club–looks like a real nightclub given over to a spanking filming set in its off-hours. Cheena accepts her fate. “Pull up her skirt,” instructs the IO. Evon pulls down her thong. “Oh sir, it’s so humiliating.”

The IO has brought a briefcase. He hands Evon a round leather paddle. The IO needs to take over. She kneels on a chair. Another item from the briefcase. “More implements?” she asks, possibly the only time that line appears in all adult filmdom. It’s a thin tawse. She stands and steps out of her thong. They agree: “We’re having some effect now.”

A wide five-fingered short tawse, thick and rigid, comes next. Cheena cries out.

Two more girls wonder onto the set, club workers also, presumably curious about all the commotion. Cheena, eager to get her bottom off the firing line, tattles on them–these are the girls who are selling false passports. Neither these girls, nor Cheena, nor Evon speak much English, only the IO.

The IO declares: “These two deserve the same.” Brunette Aura, tall and mysterious, is taken OTK by Evon. The IO takes the second brunette OTK–her striking face will fascinate the camera. Pants down for both, two spankings on-screen. Onto chairs, each gets a paddle. Aura takes off all her clothes–she is the only one with a nudity bonus clause for this film. Both girls bend over their chairs for various implements from the briefcase. The men switch bottoms. All three girls are paraded, Aura naked. Evon has a cane handy in his club. The IO notes, “I can see you have done this before.”

The pretty brunette will be caned first. “Why should I go first?” Over a stool, skirt up, no panties. Evon and the IO share 12 strokes. She is quiet and facials suggest she is seriously wondering why she took this acting assignment. The guys cut her a break–the strokes don’t bit much.

Cheena gets her 12 next, much harder, Evon the most severe. Naked Aura looks on, giving us an eyeful.

And last, Aura goes far over the stool, she is so tall. The men combine for about 18 strokes. Tears drip down. The last stroke is filmed from above; too bad this angle wasn’t repeated for all these classy bottoms.

The sore bottoms stand together at the end, Aura’s figure prevailing. If we were the IO, we’d be back here in two weeks for a follow-up check.

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