An American Brat In London – STRICTLY ENGLISH

21 Jun

M/f; time: 38 minutes

Actress Niki Flynn in one of her playful performances as she made the rounds of the major CP studios. She is in England, the guest of an ageplay guy–grey-bearded, shirt and tie, professorial. (We’ll call him the ‘uncle’ he suggests.) Niki lolls about, drinking his liquor, playing loud music. She wears a sleeveless jersey (a style she prefers with her strong arms and shoulders), a short plaid skirt, and black-and-whites. Short reddish-hair phase of her career.

The scene is a residential sitting room. The guy arrives and is very displeased with her insouciance. He scolds–she is lazy, sloppy, disrepectful. “You won’t think it’s funny when I spank your bottom….I’m going to show you some British discipline.” “You’re not serious….this is SO not happening,” in her American cadence.

He grabs her OTK (not much of a struggle), skirt up, black panties down. “Dirty old man!” Handspanking; “Am I getting through to you, Nicola?” She gets up and rubs and does her mocking silly sulking routine. Both bottom cheeks are an even red.

LATER: Niki wears jeans, a bare-midriff black top. Uncle will take her OTK again, she is not improving. She has a choice: “Take those jeans off for a bare bottom spanking or stay home tonight.” She quickly drops her jeans to show Navy panties. When she drops those panties we have the full frontal. Uncle gets his sole and hairbrush. “You’re not hitting me with that….no wonder the Empire fell!”

The hairbrush is the most painful so far. Standing, she gets the wooden spoon and is asked to kick off her jeans and pants. “Off?” She is cute as she coyly covers herself. “I hope you are enjoying yourself.”

More spanking. “Have you had your fill, then?….”  “You will take your spanks without wriggling and compliantly.” He fondles and strokes her, and shows her the cane for the next time this happens. She is cornered–a trim nifty body she has.

And LATER: Uncle finds the bathroom an unholy mess. Niki is in the kitchen in loose boyshorts and a tie-dyed T-shirt, doing the ‘Lolita’ thing. He takes her OTK immediately. “At the moment you don’t need these knickers at all,” and pulls them down, easily. Her struggles are more like enticements.

“I told you the next time you would get the cane.” She is sent to the next room without pants to get it, petulant, sassy, wonderfully spankable. Sassy Niki returns and defiantly snaps the cane in two. But Uncle has a “heavier cane” nearby; Ms. Flynn’s little melodramatic look of shock is repeated in most of her films when she is about to go bottom up.

Niki is allowed to call her parents to complain; Uncle shows her a email authorizing stern measures. She is still defiant: “I would rather starve and live on the street.” Uncle has confiscated her clothes and her “mobile” phone, two thing a modern girl can’t live without.

What’s more, “That’s my shirt. Hand it over.” Niki is not wearing a bra and is soon standing before us in just those white boyshorts, covering herself, shifting from foot to foot. Lovely acting when you consider how many spankings she has filmed.

Niki is locked down in just her panties to contemplate the caning coming later. Various shots of her moving about in just her skivvies, every angle is flattering.

Uncle returns later. “Ah, Nicola, feeling more compliant?….take off those knickers.” She keeps her back to us to increase the drama. Then she faces us. “Hands at your sides.” Not a hair.

She is ordered to touch-toes. Her lovely lithe naked body is on full display. Ample boobs hang in this posture. Uncle lays on 12 slow moderate cane strokes; Niki counts them aloud and has difficulty remaining in position.

“I don’t think you took those very well….you’re going to have it again.” She leans over the back of a low upholstered chair and grasps the arms, a position which allows her breasts to hang again and knees to lock, presenting a high bottom. 12 more, all “thank you.sirs.” As a coda, “six of the best, ” rapid fire, setting her rolling in pain.

To  conclude, she is cornered naked, holding the cane. The camera caresses her nudity, long shots, and close up. We are still investigating where she might have gotten that fading bruise on her left buttock.

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