Discipline in Russia #17- #18 Private Religion School – NETTLES

21 Jun

M/3f;  time: 53 minutes, 44 minutes

As per usual, we struggle for complimentary things to say about these Russina productions. Parts #17 and #18 here complete the depiction of a discipline of three schoolgirls. We will say, we found some humor from the costume and subtitle departments of this organization. Unusually long opening credits introduce all the production staff and the actors.

Three girls, in prototype school outfits, are being berated by the school’s Holy Mother Ann, wearing a nun’s outfit which is a combination of the Wicked Witch of the West and a bag lady from New York City’s Times Square. The girls fail in their classroom recitations. Mother Ann forces student Masha to admit what will happen to them–the subtitle says the priest will whip their naked asses. This is a Russian film, so we know it will happen.

Father George, played by a regular Nettle character who is one of the nastiest disciplinarians in the industry, is called in. The girls are lined up. Excuses are rejected. Father shows them a large, thick fraternity paddle with drilled holes the size of pennies. Mother Ann leaves the room (for her own good). Father will do the “sin purification.” The girls are scheduled for a 4 PM appointment.

Elena arrives first, a pretty round-faced girl with longish dark-red hair, the tallest of the girls. Father makes her take off her heels and bend forward over a table, arms out-stretched. She stands again to remove her skirt and slip down her thong. “Show me your pussy….who did you shave for, the devil?” Over the table again, she turns to face the camera. Father clears her hair off her face. He lays on–maybe 20 strokes with the fearsome paddle, she is counting aloud, at least according to the subtitles. Strokes are repeated from several angles. The holed-paddled does horrendous damage, more than we prefer. There are tears, screaming, and she quivers reflexively. She signs a punishment waiver, kneels helplessly at the wall, then is taken away by Mother Ann.

Will there be three of these punishments? Olga is brought in, a small dark blonde. When she goes over the desk, Father discovers she isn’t wearing any panties at all. “No devil clothes,” he says. She has a small thin bottom, already red (from what and when?). She gets about 10 very rough paddle strokes. Father eases up and reports on her completion documents that the punishment was much longer. This little bottom and that paddle don’t get along.

Masha will be spanked in part 2. The preview of that spanking is almost all you will need.

In part 2, after a 13-minute recap, mousy brunette Masha faces the Father. She too wears no panties and has the widest, most full buttocks of the three. She takes about 15 strokes–excellent shots of her screaming, desperate face. And a first for us, the paddling is so severe that vertical chaffing marks appear where the cheeks are banged together by the paddle. Masha must kiss his hand and the paddle. She should kiss anything to bring this to an end.

The three bottoms are paraded at the conclusion, as well as a long, leisurely frontal pan as the girls kneel, hands-on-head. Nasty stuff from Nettles.


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