Prefect’s Error – CONNOISSEUR CP

21 Jun

MF/3f;  time: 59 minutes

Another performance from actress Emma Brown, who despite her large and varied filmography, always retained an ingenue flair. She is still out there, working in one form or another. Here she is as a schoolgirl reporting to Prefect ‘Donna.’ Both girls wear matching plaid jumpers, blouses, and bobby socks. “Oh, Emma again.” Both girls chuckle over their lines.

The set is a hastily cleared room with a few school desks. ‘Emma’ is a naughty girl–she’s been drinking at clubs in town, drunk in public, smoking, sneaking around in the boys’ bathroom. Prefect Donna will spank Emma. Over a desk, Donna pulls up her jumper. an unauthorized thong does not cover the butterfly tattoo we have become so attached to on Ms. Brown’s left buttock.

A nice 10-minute sequence depicts the spanking with rear shots, facials, from the floor, and obliques. Donna gets the thong off, and uses straps, floggers, a martinet, and tawse. Emma is not as chatty and kicks in pain a few times. Out comes a short, very thick cane–20 strokes. “Stick it out,” screams Donna, smacking down Emma’s kicking legs, and a little more excited than she should be.

A shabby-looking female matron interrupts this session and goes to find a male supervisor. It seems Donna does not have unsupervised CP authority. The male teacher takes some pleasure in carefully examining the marks on Emma’s bottom and notices the lines on her ankles. He is going to spank but Donna AND the matron for this transgression.

Donna goes over the desk, jumper up. “These are not school knickers.” He starts a handspanking then decides he wants to  complete Emma’s punishment first; she’s been cornered, skirt up, tush in view. He straps her again; when he uses the cane for 10 more strokes, they are milder, the very tough Ms. Brown doesn’t even jump this time.  She is released, not before she gives us a naughty little frontal flash.

Back at Donna–over the desk, the matron handspanks her. The matron and the teacher spank her together, get in their fondles of her buttocks, and increase the intensity. He switches to the cane–a dozen strokes, hands-on-ankles for 10 more, none of them toe curlers.

The matron’s turn. She is double the age of the girls. Uniform up, over the desk, white panties down. Handspanking, straps, tawses. For some reason the guy spanks her the hardest, producing bruises and maybe little flecks of blood. Six with the cane over the desk, then six hands-on-ankles, creating that tight, hard bottom the purpose for this posture.

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