Punished In Paris – STONEFOX

21 Jun

F/f; year: 2011; time: 35 minutes

An intense little oeuvre from the ‘Hydromadam’ series; where enemas are mixed with good spanking, and with emphasis on the hindquarters. We guess that downloading provides the only access to the Hydromadam works at Stonefox.

‘Naughty Alli,’ a dmininuitve cute dark-skinned girl creeps into a Paris apartment, having stayed out all night partying. She calls a friend, the sun has risen. “I’m still drunk.” She undresses for bed, down to white panties and bra.

When she enters her bedroom, the Madame awaits her, holding a hairbrush. “Here you are in Paris….to get culture….not drinking, dancing, and boys! Those tattoos.”

“You’re going to pay for it with your behind.” The madame/guardian slaps the hairbrush in her palm. Alli is taken OTK on a loveseat and the madame starts a handspanking on the well-fitted polka dot panties. Down they come. “How old are you now?” “Nineteen.” (we got that little item out of the way.) Cute facials–Alli stares mournfully toward the camera. the long-handled brush stings. Alli scrambles around the room.

“I have something to prepare for you….to clean you out after last night.” While Alli pulls at her buttocks to see what damage has been done, there is the sound of water running in the bathroom.

We see the madame filling a classic red rubber enema bag. “Four quarts of what will set her straight.” She tests a long black nozzle in the tub, “for that tight little asshole.” (The hydromadam is getting herself and the rest of us quite worked up.) Bag hooked to the shower rod, all so sexy, she returns to Alli in the bedroom. “Before we begin,” she pulls a kitchen spoon kept handy in the bedside table for a mild spanking on the bed. Alli’s face reflected in the floor mirror. And, she has a rectal thermometer, which she is inserts slowly and carefully, spreading Alli’s cheeks. She checks the temperature and does it again! “Relax…stop tightening up…suck it in.”

“You got your spanking….now, a nice warm enema, a nozzle up your behind…there are punishment enemas, you don’t want to experience that.”

Alli removes her bra and the camera follows her bottom as she walks  into the bathroom and eyes the red bag. The hydromadam takes sadistic pleasure in showing her the 8″ nozzle. “We will manage to get it up that tight little asshole of yours.”

The madame revels in enema talk and shows the bag, hose, and clamp. She explains:  a “punishment enema” would involve cold water in a direct spray, not the sprinkle from this nozzle.

Alli is getting nervous. “But…but…I have to pee.” After the obligatory Stonefox urinating scene, the madame takes Alli OTK  on the toilet seat, carefully lubes the black nozzle, then slowly inserts it Alli’s anus, to her moans and shudders.

Then CLICK , the pressure device on the hose, melodramatically loud, is released. The madame reaches under Alli to feel her abdomen. “Are you nervous?…I see your legs shaking…a little bit more.”

Madame starts and stops the flow a few times. Alli looks mournfully at the camera. “Very good. We may have to do this again!” The madame teases the nozzle out slowly, then plop! “Oofa.” Alli is made to stand and show her distended tummy, bent over in her discomfort.

“Are you ready to expell all that?” Alli sits on the toilet. “This is embarrassing.”

Later that evening Alli is seen sneaking out of the apartment again. Maybe there is a sequel where she learns what the cold water feels like.


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