Resolved By Corporal Punishment #2 – RAVEN HILL

21 Jun

M/f; time: 32 minutes

The continuouslyentertaining series where girls accept being spanked on film in lieu of legal action. Debbie and Trina skipped out on their apartment rent, Raven Hill makes restitution, the landlord drops his charges, and the girls come to the studios for their part of the bargain.

Producer Tierre Ainese explains that hs partner RichardLewis “reviewed the case….and the girls saw the merits of a spanking in lieu of the $1300 (debt).”

Debbie and Trina arrive, giggle nervously as the procedures are explained, handle the spanking implements, and learn that this particular exercise is going to be broadcast live on the Internet. There will be three cameras–front, roving, and ceiling.

Debbie will be spanked in this film while Trina watches, quite chastened, already spanked. Raven Hill released Trina’s session in series #3. Debbie is a tall conventional brunette, not a showgirl-type or much of an actress, making her predicament and spanking all the more plausible. The first segment involves a five-minute OTK handspanking. After some hesitation, Debbie pulls down her own jeans and panties and settles over Lewis’ lap. A timer on the screen, like a sporting event, shows the elapsing five minutes. Her bare bottom bruises and blotches quickly in this segment. She giggles nervously and pulls her pants back up at the end.

For Debbie’s second session, she must bend over a padded table, and drops her pants again. This part involves 20 strokes with a strap–marks and welts immediately. Again, she regains her pants (and some of her composure) when she rises. Tierre asks her to look into the camera and thank the viewers at home for tuning in.

The last phase will be over Lewis’ lap for the hairbrush, which he has selected from a wire metal newpaper rack being used to hold the RH implement collection. Lewis has always enjoyed cracking a bottom with the hairbrush–there are many examples of his enthusiasm with this domestic humiliation in the Raven Hill catalogue. Pants down again–“Oh, shit!” she exclaims, and Richard quickly raises more bruises.

Tear-streaked Debbie hikes her pants and Lewis invites her to give a message to her landlord via the live feed–the finger! He had probably intended an apology.

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