Gambling Effects – 6666 PRODUCTIONS

22 Jun

M/f’; time: 54 minutes

Might be a Moonglow-style film from the mid-1980’s, and seems to be a rough unedited cut; several spanking sequences are partially repeated with the reflected image. there are numerous noises on-set–traffic, horns, voices, aircraft, power-tools, and in several places the director can be heard instructing the actors to hold that pose.

However, the plot and (we think it is) actress Susan Hope ranks high on our ‘spankable’ scale. We overlook the film’s imperfections, which we hope you’ll concur with when her assets are revealed.

Tattoo’d popeye-armed Joe Stewart happens across a guy spanking his girlfriend over a fence rail in a sunny outdoor setting. Susan, as ‘Jane,’ seems to be enjoying their lark. She is a tall frizzy auburn-redhead, fully 6″ taller than either of the men. Joe must smell an opportunity because he invites the boyfriend to play cards later. Jane senses disaster.

They meet that evening to play three-card no-draw poker, a game suited to moving things along in an hour film. The guy is soon losing to Joe and out of money. Jane sits with him, in a tiny tight red cocktail dress, all legs and boobs, trying to restrain his risk-taking. In the last hand,the boyfriend resorts to offering Jane for spanking to afford to call Joe’s last bet. The guy loses the hand, has lost his money, and Jane must stay behind. “You can take a taxi home.”

Gambling your girl’s bottom is a theme we’ve seen a few times–CalStar’s ‘Beaten at Cards’ and Nu West’s ‘Winner Take All’ are two from an incomplete list. Actress Ms. Hope soars above these on her own.

Joe relishes this statuesque morsel. He’ll start with his martinet. This will not be the patty cake we saw on Jane’s panties on the country lane. “No, please,’ when she sees it. “Get on the floor, get over the chair.” Joe lays the martinet hard on her tight skirt. She begs weakly, and the dress barely covers the subject. Joe rolls up the dress; Jane’s bottom is mostly bare but for a black thong and already quite red. “Very nice,” he whispers out, and begins fondling his trophy, the first of many times.

Jane kneels, head over the end of the couch, and catches a glimpse of the cameraman. “Open them legs.” He takes her thong down, very slowly. More spanking, sniffles begin. She lays flat on the couch–he pulls down the top of her dress and fondles a breast. Jane is his helpless plaything.

Her bottom is taking on major coloring, bruises and blotches, the result of Joe’s heavy spanking plus her fair and pale complexion.  she is red-faced and in tears almost continuously.

Back on the floor, dress up, thong down, for the hairbrush, the hardest yet. she begs to renegotiate. why should he, what does she have to offer? He gets an inspiration–they’ll play best-of-three hands–he’ll wager a caning, dressed in an outfit of his choosing, vs. all her money back.

Jane loses of course; Joe can’t be cheating, right there in front of her. She leaves and returns in a black bustier, panties, garters and stockings, collar, heels, and black lace gloves. Playtime for sure. “Very nice, bend over.i”

On the chair again, 8 hard strokes on the mostly bare buttocks. She gasps in surprise and the bruising just complicates. More tears.

Susan is moved to the couch to repeat those postures with the cane, but Joe (and maybe the director) is sufficiently concerned about how upset she is that they just talk for a few minutes, her breasts on display outside her bustier. Finally she kneels and counts out six “thank you, sir” snappy strokes, which she can barely survive. The same sequence is repeated three times.

Pervert Joe gets his baby oil. Susan’s buttocks show the dramatic history of the palm, strap, martinet, hairbrush, and cane. He tucks some bills in her thong, “…your taxi fare home.”

A good show after all. This actress had us convinced.

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