Headmistress’s Study #3 – CALSTAR

28 Jun

F/f;   time: 49 minutes

A long review for an entertaining film.

A familiar theme–a stern Schoolmistress (a model who play Top and Bottom) calls in a naughty pupil, spanks the daylights out of her, and then must confront an angry parent. In this scenario  in other films,  sometimes a schoolmistress will add the  mother’s panties to her collection, and sometimes the parent, if he or she is a heavy donor, gets her way with the Head. REDSTRIPE did a nice two-part story, where first the mother Dawn Deacon gets whipped at her daughter’s school, then she goes home and sees to whipping her daughter, the actress Catherine Corbett.

An attractive brunette actress, who can go both ways in her films, as she did memorably in ‘An English Compromise,’ calls in an equally charming blond student, Felicity Keegan. The set is a properly equipped classroom, including middle-level geometry on the chalkboard.

The girl struggles over her  lines a bit (an observation of amusement for us, because we’re not here for linguistics); she is about to be expelled and her mother is due here shortly. OTK she goes, “no more of this sniveling nonsense.” This actress spanks hard, high strokes, steady rhythm always, and with only a midly disguised erotic interest. The blonde’s bottom blotches immediately, and when her white panties come down, the color change line from bare skin to under the cloth is noticeable.

On her feet, skirt off, step out of knickers, she lets her blouse ride up just a bit to see unshaven juvenile fuzz. Over a desk, a large oval paddle increases the rouged bottom area, one of the fastest pinkings we’ve seen.

She will get the tawse on her palms, and instantly recoils from the thought. Both palms get it, and she can’t help her blouse riding up again. Cute. “Oh…this hurts more than the paddle.” The palm-slapping is filmed from over the shoulder.

Back over the desk, but not before she hands over that blouse. No bra. The caning begins. Once again, this domme actress is an efficient disciplinarian. She has the characteristic of snapping her wrist on each short stroke and always elicits shocked and pained responses. The first caning segment shows 50 fast-paced strokes, including repeats from colorful angles, one is an anguished face.

There is a pause for some conversation, then 30 more cane strokes, with some very intimate closeups, all-in-all very entertaining, non-brutal, punitive caning. The blonde’s bottom is a road-map of the handspanking, paddle, and cane.

The mother, Mrs. Keegan bursts in. “What the hell are you doing?” The headmistress sits her down to explain, while young Keegan stands totally naked behind the desk, facing us. Mrs. Keegan agrees to take a similar spanking herself if her daughter will not be expelled. Also, “It might just do the trick” to straighten Felicity out.

Mrs. Keegan goes OTK; the actress is a tall runway-style glamorous brunette, old enough to be Felicity’s mother only if she stayed out too late in high school. Dress up–a hard, professional bottom, only covered bya little thong. Thong off, her hard buttocks are small enough that her charms are fully on display. The headmistress lashes out with the floppy paddle,barely containing her pleasure. She wants the women to compare their bottoms when they get home. There is a suggestion the father may spank them again.

“Remove your dress and bend over the desk.” A push-up bra barely holds her breasts, and goodness, she is wearing a pussy ring. She banters with her daughter. “Shut up while I am beating you…it’s obviously not hard enough.”

Time for the cane. Ms. Keegan faces us, removing her bra. Total shave job, labia jewelry, enhanced breasts, the lady is a pro. Does Felicity know where her mother spends her time?  An extremely long caning sequence follows, 10 minutes. Almost 60 strokes are shown. Lots of repeats from excellent angles. An occasional “Ow, fuck” slips out, and the actress twists and surges her bottom and is given time to settle down when a stroke is particularly painful, so this is no fake cobbled-together caning. All through the scene naked Felicity watches facing us, with occasional closeups, in one of the longest frontals you will see.

Naked Felicity comes around the desk to witness her mother’s caned bottom. Two naked women, two well-spanked images. One can imagine a hot evening in store at home.

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