New Domestic Discipline #2 – BRITISH SPANKING

28 Jun

M/f; time: 39 minutes

The origins of this film and this producer are better known to the professional chroniclers of the CP industry. References to ‘Paradox Adult Film Entertainment’ and ‘Spanking for Pleasure’ encourage us that erstwhile British CP queen Sophie Fennington might have been in the front office.

A young brunette, ‘Lucy,’ who looks very much like the actress Rosaleen Young and performs with some of her signatures (although we have found no reference to this film in her biography), lolls among her stuffed animals, reading ‘Harry Potter,’ setting this film in about 1997. She sleeps naked, we’re happy to report, giving us a nude scene when she arises to put on her school uniform, including boater.

Lucy is staying with a male characfer we have praised in several CalStar distributions–he loves the female bottom. He’s called ‘Reggie’ in ‘A Mutual Agreement,’ among other appearances, and he gets into a girl’s knickers in the most entertaining, mischievous ways. No  exception here.

As a sort of spanking ‘uncle,’  he is appalled with Lucy’s schoolwork. He has talked to her headmaster and her parents. Confronting her, having laid the goundwork, “I am to act…in loco parentis…tonight…you know what you are in for.” He takes pleasure in telling her how hard the spanking, tawsing, strapping, and caning will be.

Another nude bathing scene, Lucy’s soft, youthful, natural body on display, every inch, including downy fuzz and sweet normal breasts; we FADE to the evening session underway. OTK, handspanking, on her black knickers. She makes “pathetic noises,” says Uncle. She calls him “pervert,” she is of course correct, but it costs her. “Let’s get those pants right down.”

Her bottom is blotchy already; he pins her struggling legs with his own, keeping up his characterisitic CP-related prattle, i.e. “Your bottom resembles one of your mother’s marvelous summer puddings.” He works her legs apart to stroke her inner thighs. “Pervert!” she mutters.

Uncle shows her his tawse. Lucy stands and strips naked–unfortunately this action was accelerated. Fuzzy pubic front, standing there in just knee socks and shoes. Cute stuff. Uncle fondles her head to toe.

Lucy bends over the couch arm, straddling it in her crotch. He straps her hard, sucking on his pipe, while she hollers after each stroke. She curls on the couch, naked in the fetal position, while he pours a cocktail and shows her the cane. This is a good actress–she reflexively reaches to cover her bottom when she sees the rattan.

Bend-over, hands on knees, legs “wide apart please.” very exposed. 10 slow strokes, hard enough to get anyone’s compliance. Pervy Uncle bends for a close look at what he has done to her buttocks: “I almost want to sink my teeth into it.”

He is an exquisite tormentor. He concludes her evening with a long, slow fondle of her as she stands nude for the camera, followed by another slow creaming of her bottom.

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