Resolved by Corporal Punishment #3 – RAVEN HILL

28 Jun

M/f; time: 32 minutes

It is Trina’s turn for punishment at Raven Hill Institute. She has accepted corporal punishment to  settle a legal claim for rent default. Her roommate Debbie was spanked in #2 of this series.

The explanations of the procedure and a synopsis of what Tierre Ainese calls “The Case of the Disappearing Roommates” take a full 11 minutes. Trina is a short, tawny-blonde, wearing a red jersey and very baggy khaki painters’ pants. In this entrie series, the girls appear quite normal, non-theatrical, and off-the-street.

Producer/spanker Richard Lewis sets the five minute timer, Trina pulls down her pants and panties and climbs OTK. Unlike her tall roommate, she is short enough that her feet are not off the ground. The three Internet cameras record the handspanking. No big impression is made on Trina.

Phase 2 with be the “CountySheriff” paddle, a thick holed wood paddle, so named for another film in which it was featured, 20 moderate strokes. Again, Trina bares her bottom herself, taking care to protect her front. Pants up, the girls are still giggling nervously.

Phase 3 will be the “Naked Violations” strap, a long floppy leather strap called  a reformatory strap in CP supply catalogues and similar to a razor strop. Trina pulls her pants down and climbs high over the padded bench RH used early in this series. Lewis takes some satisfaction in pulling her pants down a little further than she wanted them. The strapping is not noteworthy. This actress, very cute without her pants, must have had some arrangement.

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