The Hairdresser Part 2 – MOONGLOW

28 Jun


An unremarkable film about a sloppy, lazy female beauty shop operator, set in a one room scene. An attractive brunette lolls in the messy shop–the place needs a cleanup and there are no customers. Her male boss is going to spank her–protests only last a few seconds.

He takes her OTK and briefly spanks her on her black slacks, before she stands and he unfastens and pulls down her slacks, partially dragging down her black panties. More unimpressive OTK, before she stands pants down against the wall.

The actor Joe Stwart arrives. He has been been hired as a disciplinarian from “CP Administrations.” Have Tawse, Will Travel, we guess. On the business card? In the Yellow Pages? A little more explanation of his appearance would have heightened the tension. He sets up his gear–implements, towels, clothing. He starts in on her again. Joe has never been a hard spanker in his films. “Take those trousers down, now!” 

The brunette is given a school uniform to change into (if kinky Joe is hired to do this work, he is pleasing someone’s fetish, his own?), a spiffy gray pinafore complete with bobby socks and, when she is back OTK, he is pleased with the regulation knickers she put on. More handspanking. He shows her a floppy paddle he brought, then we switch to the diaper position from a seated position on the couch, legs vertical, skirt bunched up, and knickers still in place. Not hard but humiliationg, she’s a good sport and doing well playing along with the schoolgirl thing.

The brunette kneels on the couch for the studded paddle, also used in moderation. She laughs a bit. Pants down–“I’m going to tell my manager on you.”

In some bad film continuity, her pants are back up and they laugh. He takes her school jumper from her and spanks with a round kitchen stirrer, creating bright round red marks.

The girl bends over a swivel chair, knickers at her thighs, for a brief session with the cane and then the paddle, reversing the traditional bottom-warming sequence, we guess because the cane hurt too much. “Getting my money’s worth, aren’t I?” Joe comments. Over the couch again for more cane, on the knickers and bare.

Lots of back-and-forth activity difficult and unnecessary to diagram. Hands-on-head at the wall, then to the couch for the leather paddle; Joe pulls her buttocks apart to look for marks–invasive, embarrassing, erotic and could be tried more often. Six more with the cane. “Kneel on the settee,”  for a large paddle.

She stands on the couch for the cane, putting her bottom at a shoulder-height swing for Joe. This could be smart if Joe leaned into his strokes, but he’s a wussy and won’t do it. She laughs again.

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