Spanking Auditions – BRITISH DISCIPLINE

29 Jun

2M/2f;  time: 28 minutes

Two spanking film audition ‘interviews,’ done  in Internet style, in one room, one camera, one spankee.

I ‘Jodie’s Desires’  ‘Jodie,’ a vivacious young frosted blonde, with a charming Scottish accent, plays a girl eager to be spanked for fun and profit. She “likes the action, being dominated,” and is teased by the male interviewer into to pleading to us: “I’m looking for someone to spank me, please help!” This actress does as a good a job as we have seen of beng enthusiastic about dropping her pants without appearing to have done it many times before.

[as sirens ring on the soundtrack] Jodie shows the spanker her bottom, bare but for a flowered thong; it has rouged marks from a recent spanking. As he takes her OTK, she giggles and laughs nervously. Her mirthful demeanor adds a dimension to the erotic byplay. They laugh more when he asks Jodie to drop her ‘cheap Pri Mark” jeans. After just a short spanking, he rolls down the thong. Jodie’s bubbly persona is just as evident below the waist.

Beautiful round and red bottom; the camera holds a closeup on it as they talk and change positions. The interviewer has a collection of implements. Jodie will receive two strokes from each and choose her favorite. Hands-on-chair, bare bottom out. 2 from the tawse, 4 from a heavy leather paddle (why were they’re four, Jodie wonders), 2 from the “school slipper,” and 2 little snap-turtle bites from a cane (‘yeoww”). She likes the paddle best. So did we–it covered most of her bottom. But she liked the cane least.

The guy paddles her about 10 times, moderate, from a fearsome piece of leather, and 2 final hard ones. She concludes her very successful interview by standing bare bottom on  a chair. The camera does not get in quite close enough.

II -‘Russian Labor’: Alexandra: In a short segment, an attractive Russian blonde auditions for a job, but is told it is “film work for the adult industry.”  The interviewer gently steers her to accept an audition for a spanking movie. He explains–too many girls accept this assignment then can’t produce when the filming starts.

“Take your trousers down.”   Alexandra baulks, feigning surprise that this is to be bare-bottom. The spanker urges her OTK, and begins spanking on her pink jockey-type panties. She giggles nervously; he spanks harder, taking the panties down. He achieves a nice uniform glow.

“I can say to the client that you’ve had a bottom spanking.” He stands her up and gives her a fast twirl. Cute number–she is shaved clean. He gives her the address of the film company and sends her along.

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