St. David’s Boarding School For Girls-the Music Lesson – CALSTAR

29 Jun

2M/2f;  year: 2001;  time: 51 minutes

Another simple storyline, augmented by the presence of adult film actor Jack Uppitt, who adds a soupcon/touch of lechery to his spankings and cannot resist wandering hands and eyes as he torments his charges. This film predates 2001 and was made in the wood-paneled set seen often in Moonglow and a few CalStar’s.

Another male actor, Mr. Jenkins, plausibly senior in age and demeanor, teaches music and awaits student Cooper for her music lesson. She is late and is so unprepared she fails at simple scales. She is a cute short-haired blonde, wearing the correct kit–blue blouse, necktie, pleated skirt, knee socks, and platform heels. One quickly notices the blouse cannot hide her endowments.

Jenkins: “We’ll have to come up with some sort of punishment for you,”   which means, OTK–she goes immediately, without protest, skirt up, handspanking on perfect regulation blue knickers. Jenkins has the pants down quickly to stay, again without a sound from Cooper. Good closeups, thighs open.

Cooper hands over her skirt and bends over the back of a straight chair for the leather paddle, not slapped hard, but it is thick and heavy. Good oblique shots–her blouse has worked itself up and she is not wearing a bra. “Sorry, sir,” she gasps.

Headmaster Jack Uppitt comes on-scene, has Cooper stand up while he inspects the merchandise with those eyes, then entreats Jenkins to continue. Jenkins has her open her blouse to display high, hard, round breasts–they are headlights.

The Headmaster returns with another student, Padgett, a statuesque light-skinned black girl, and shows her Cooper, bottom-up, getting the paddle. The Head starts on Padgett OTK, Cooper’s rosy bare bottom in the background. The Head asks Padgett to hand over her skirt and knickers. The OTK continues, on powerful round cheeks and athletic thighs. He is angry: “All new girls in this school are going to get thoroughly beaten.” Jenkins urges him on, feigning serious purpose; blond Cooper mouths off and finds herself upside down for more.

Back to Padgett. Hands-on-chair seat, “legs apart, child,” for the paddle. “In a minute, we’re going to give you (both) the cane.” More OTK for Padgett with Mr. Jenkins–she is now naked and covers herself as best she can.

Cooper will be paddled first, at the chair. “Legs apart….you know the position.” She spreads her legs a good 18″, knowing full well the scenery provided. The Head joins in with a big tawse. When Padgett is bent over for the tawse, she springs up and fights back for a second, before composing herself.

Jenkins leaves the set and returns with a cane. [phone rings on the set] Cooper bends again at the chair; the Head paces and swooshes. Cooper is nervous. “Are you shaking and farting?” “Yes, sir.” About 30 cane strokes are shown in  a long 8 minute segment: the camera angle is lowered to accentuate her perfect bottom and hanging breasts. Marks immediately. Uppitt is mean with the cane–he gets her on the thighs and the buttocks crease. He has caned enough bottoms to know where the sensitivity is best. With a handful of hair, he pushes her back to the wall and invites Padgett forward.

Padgett is authentically reluctant, and it would seem real, because her spankings and this caning are more moderate. [phone again] She takes just 12 strokes, dead quiet except for single “Ow’s.”

Both girls to report to Jenkins’ office tomorrow for more of this, explaining why the Head did most of the work here.


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