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Discipline in Russia #17- #18 Private Religion School – NETTLES

21 Jun

M/3f;  time: 53 minutes, 44 minutes

As per usual, we struggle for complimentary things to say about these Russina productions. Parts #17 and #18 here complete the depiction of a discipline of three schoolgirls. We will say, we found some humor from the costume and subtitle departments of this organization. Unusually long opening credits introduce all the production staff and the actors.

Three girls, in prototype school outfits, are being berated by the school’s Holy Mother Ann, wearing a nun’s outfit which is a combination of the Wicked Witch of the West and a bag lady from New York City’s Times Square. The girls fail in their classroom recitations. Mother Ann forces student Masha to admit what will happen to them–the subtitle says the priest will whip their naked asses. This is a Russian film, so we know it will happen.

Father George, played by a regular Nettle character who is one of the nastiest disciplinarians in the industry, is called in. The girls are lined up. Excuses are rejected. Father shows them a large, thick fraternity paddle with drilled holes the size of pennies. Mother Ann leaves the room (for her own good). Father will do the “sin purification.” The girls are scheduled for a 4 PM appointment.

Elena arrives first, a pretty round-faced girl with longish dark-red hair, the tallest of the girls. Father makes her take off her heels and bend forward over a table, arms out-stretched. She stands again to remove her skirt and slip down her thong. “Show me your pussy….who did you shave for, the devil?” Over the table again, she turns to face the camera. Father clears her hair off her face. He lays on–maybe 20 strokes with the fearsome paddle, she is counting aloud, at least according to the subtitles. Strokes are repeated from several angles. The holed-paddled does horrendous damage, more than we prefer. There are tears, screaming, and she quivers reflexively. She signs a punishment waiver, kneels helplessly at the wall, then is taken away by Mother Ann.

Will there be three of these punishments? Olga is brought in, a small dark blonde. When she goes over the desk, Father discovers she isn’t wearing any panties at all. “No devil clothes,” he says. She has a small thin bottom, already red (from what and when?). She gets about 10 very rough paddle strokes. Father eases up and reports on her completion documents that the punishment was much longer. This little bottom and that paddle don’t get along.

Masha will be spanked in part 2. The preview of that spanking is almost all you will need.

In part 2, after a 13-minute recap, mousy brunette Masha faces the Father. She too wears no panties and has the widest, most full buttocks of the three. She takes about 15 strokes–excellent shots of her screaming, desperate face. And a first for us, the paddling is so severe that vertical chaffing marks appear where the cheeks are banged together by the paddle. Masha must kiss his hand and the paddle. She should kiss anything to bring this to an end.

The three bottoms are paraded at the conclusion, as well as a long, leisurely frontal pan as the girls kneel, hands-on-head. Nasty stuff from Nettles.


An American Brat In London – STRICTLY ENGLISH

21 Jun

M/f; time: 38 minutes

Actress Niki Flynn in one of her playful performances as she made the rounds of the major CP studios. She is in England, the guest of an ageplay guy–grey-bearded, shirt and tie, professorial. (We’ll call him the ‘uncle’ he suggests.) Niki lolls about, drinking his liquor, playing loud music. She wears a sleeveless jersey (a style she prefers with her strong arms and shoulders), a short plaid skirt, and black-and-whites. Short reddish-hair phase of her career.

The scene is a residential sitting room. The guy arrives and is very displeased with her insouciance. He scolds–she is lazy, sloppy, disrepectful. “You won’t think it’s funny when I spank your bottom….I’m going to show you some British discipline.” “You’re not serious….this is SO not happening,” in her American cadence.

He grabs her OTK (not much of a struggle), skirt up, black panties down. “Dirty old man!” Handspanking; “Am I getting through to you, Nicola?” She gets up and rubs and does her mocking silly sulking routine. Both bottom cheeks are an even red.

LATER: Niki wears jeans, a bare-midriff black top. Uncle will take her OTK again, she is not improving. She has a choice: “Take those jeans off for a bare bottom spanking or stay home tonight.” She quickly drops her jeans to show Navy panties. When she drops those panties we have the full frontal. Uncle gets his sole and hairbrush. “You’re not hitting me with that….no wonder the Empire fell!”

The hairbrush is the most painful so far. Standing, she gets the wooden spoon and is asked to kick off her jeans and pants. “Off?” She is cute as she coyly covers herself. “I hope you are enjoying yourself.”

More spanking. “Have you had your fill, then?….”  “You will take your spanks without wriggling and compliantly.” He fondles and strokes her, and shows her the cane for the next time this happens. She is cornered–a trim nifty body she has.

And LATER: Uncle finds the bathroom an unholy mess. Niki is in the kitchen in loose boyshorts and a tie-dyed T-shirt, doing the ‘Lolita’ thing. He takes her OTK immediately. “At the moment you don’t need these knickers at all,” and pulls them down, easily. Her struggles are more like enticements.

“I told you the next time you would get the cane.” She is sent to the next room without pants to get it, petulant, sassy, wonderfully spankable. Sassy Niki returns and defiantly snaps the cane in two. But Uncle has a “heavier cane” nearby; Ms. Flynn’s little melodramatic look of shock is repeated in most of her films when she is about to go bottom up.

Niki is allowed to call her parents to complain; Uncle shows her a email authorizing stern measures. She is still defiant: “I would rather starve and live on the street.” Uncle has confiscated her clothes and her “mobile” phone, two thing a modern girl can’t live without.

What’s more, “That’s my shirt. Hand it over.” Niki is not wearing a bra and is soon standing before us in just those white boyshorts, covering herself, shifting from foot to foot. Lovely acting when you consider how many spankings she has filmed.

Niki is locked down in just her panties to contemplate the caning coming later. Various shots of her moving about in just her skivvies, every angle is flattering.

Uncle returns later. “Ah, Nicola, feeling more compliant?….take off those knickers.” She keeps her back to us to increase the drama. Then she faces us. “Hands at your sides.” Not a hair.

She is ordered to touch-toes. Her lovely lithe naked body is on full display. Ample boobs hang in this posture. Uncle lays on 12 slow moderate cane strokes; Niki counts them aloud and has difficulty remaining in position.

“I don’t think you took those very well….you’re going to have it again.” She leans over the back of a low upholstered chair and grasps the arms, a position which allows her breasts to hang again and knees to lock, presenting a high bottom. 12 more, all “thank you.sirs.” As a coda, “six of the best, ” rapid fire, setting her rolling in pain.

To  conclude, she is cornered naked, holding the cane. The camera caresses her nudity, long shots, and close up. We are still investigating where she might have gotten that fading bruise on her left buttock.

Sarah Remembers Everything (Rattan College #2) – MOONGLOW

20 Jun

M/f; year: 1996;  time: 41 minutes

Listed in Moonglow’s ‘classics’ catalogue–how old we get and how fast! What should age have to do with a good spanking, displayed in detail? Wouldn’t we like to watch Cleopatra spanking a servant if she was good at it and it were on film? Thanks to Moonglow for preserving their oldies and to spankos for supporting and circulating them.

Sarah is a tall redhead who undresses in front of us and lies face down naked on the bed, awaiting a spanking from a faceless male in a heavily erotically-charged sequence of sensual spankings and fondlings. The male gets Sarah to recall spankings she had at school, which permits inserted flashbacks to those events.

Her first reminiscence is with a very young teacher. She’s been ‘cheeky’ and he is going to give her a “damn good thrashing.” There is a quality about this actress’ presentation which begs to have her given a hard dose. OTK she goes–she points out “You’re not supposed to be doing this.” When her skirt comes up, they must muff their lines, because we’re all surprised to see she forgot her panties. After some spanking, as an afterthought, “Where are your panties….you know the regulations.”

Fade back to Sarah naked on her bed, and her slow spanking and probing continues. She remembers a slippering from the teacher “Weenie Williams,” our approximate transcription of the disparaging moniker he is given, because he looks more like an adolescent prefect than a faculty member.

The teacher has a slipper. She takes off her skirt, “panties too,” bend-over a chair. The slipper is a leather sole. The spanking is slow; her gasps are legitimate; she keeps her legs together with resolve. “Is this message getting through to you?” What is a girl supposed to say in a situation like this but, “Yes,sir.”

Back in the bedroom, her tormentor uses a handful of her breast to keep her still for her spanking, lest there be any misunderstanding about what this is all about. Next, she recalls a “leathering” in her dormitory bedroom.

In that scene, her chenille dress is thrown up, for a leather strap–very sexy because of this actress’ ability to seem to deserve a good walloping.

Sexy talk in the bedroom again before we revert to the caning at school, kneeling over the back of a chair and leaning on another, no pants, 20 strokes for cheating. Hard shots, a lot of repeats probably, accomplished with facial views. The chenille dress is a bathrobe with a silk belt, designed to be taken off.

Back with her man in the bedroom–she wears the same robe. “So this is the position you were caned in?” 6 cane strokes,then a confusing retake of the scene, Sarah naked, 6 more strokes. He fondles, she shivers.

A screen message says: “Sarah has acquired a real taste for the cane.” More caning, some in slow motion.

In a final punishment scene, she peels off a sort of evening gown, isn’t wearing pants again, and shows marks from another spanking. Another few cane strokes, a caress and exploring fingers for her supervisor, who we hope gets his reward.

Very nice job from Moonglow, on a zero budget.

Caned Prefect – CHEEKY VIDEO

20 Jun

M/f; time: 35 minutes

Resilient actress Brigella will face some major music in this performance. [as soon as the aircraft passes overhead] She plays a schoolgirl prefect, very Catholic in her red jumper, confronted by a faculty member for various infractions. She is going to forfeit her prefecture and a layer or two of skin on her bottom. She is shown the cane.

There will be “no preamble,” or warmup. Skirt up, pants down. “I will deliver them in batches of six.”

These cane batches are very hard, and we saw no evidence of disguising their ferocity. One batch of six, then a second six, which Brigella counts aloud, in a slightly weakened voice. After she is allowed to rub, she counts out a third and fourth set of six strokes, a tearful gasping heard. Another rub. “This is what we do to bullies in this school.” Tears drip from her face onto the floor.

The fifth set of six is shown as we watch her face and 6 more with her bottom on-screen, 36 in all, and we were impressed. She is dismissed to change out of her prefect’s uniform into a Sixth Form outfit and return to face punishment for another offense.

Brigella has been caught cheating. This time it will be the strap, a Scottish lochgelly, AND the cane. The teacher raises her skirt and pulls down her pants. There is no evidence of the previous caning, understandable in that it is hard to imagine how the punishment which follows could be superimposed on that. She takes almost 40 strokes of the heavy leather lochgelly, moderatelhy hard, with the weight of the implement doing the work. Brigella sings out the last 6.

She bends over the back of a straight chair, knowing full well with her experience how erotic a pose this can be. About 15 strokes of the cane. “I’m going to give you the final isx–count them…arch your back.” Six zingers, the last stroke very high on her bottom, probably unintended. She is now quivering reflexively and cannot control herself, a reaction to severe punishment you will see from time to time. Heavy stuff.


Antique Methods – CALSTAR

20 Jun

2M/2f; year:1994; time: 54 minutes

Vintage stuff, in our sweet spot, and featuring one of our favorite actresses, ‘Alison Payne,’ among other names, and from her credits, we were not alone in our admiration. Two girls rummage around in what is supposed to be an antique shop, although the camera stays in a flat narrow visual range.  The girls handle the merchandise with some distain, showing some interest in a school desk and a paddle hanging on a hook, then decide to leave.

Peter Murdock, the shopowner, intercepts them and locks them in. He thinks they must have shoplifted and will call the police. (This film has been titled ‘Shoplifter Punishment’ but is more cleverly named now.) One of the girls: “We could settle this.” It seems the other girl, the Irish actress Ms.Payne we have praised frequently, recalls a sign on the front door: ‘Shoplifters will be spanked or prosecuted.’

Peter will frisk the girls. He puts his hands inside Alison’s shorts, front and back, and under her T-shirt, much to her displeasure. She couldn’t have hidden a paperclip. The second girl, a slim dark brunette, is similarly groped. A second guy arrives at the shop, flashes a badge you suspect is for the auxiliary park police, but it earns him the power  to join the fun.

He will search the girls again, same detailed grope, not too well received by them. Nothing is found, but then–the men discover an antique ring on the brunette’s finger. Now the girls are accomplices, some discussions–the girls need a lesson, they accept spankings.

Alison is first, bent over the handy school desk, black slacks down, bottom bare. “Please, sir.” She has a trim figure and long chestnut hair, but flaired hips and a firm perfect feminine bottom ideal for this work. She has been spanked in enough films to know just what to do with this asset, and is always just sassy enough to challenge the virility of the spanker.

The brunette is spanked next, her friend holds her still. Then Alison is back over, we never tire of her in this bottoms-up position. When the brunette switches again, she inadvertently starts to pull her own slacks down, but remembers quickly and stops.

After a short spanking, the brunette is next over the desk, in red sweater and black slacks. A taste of the wood fraternity paddle displayed in the shop generates some squeals, pants down.

The two guys alternate spanking these two trapped butterflies. Some more fun, silly but cute–the two girls remove their pants, tuck in their shirts, and dust around the shop, bare bottoms on display. The Irish Alison finds opportunities to flash frontal on occasion.

All sorts of nude humiliation–the girls spank each other, hands-on-head bottom inspection, closeups.  Peter gets two canes; after all, this is an antique shop. After some more police threats, the girls agree to proceed to what the men regard as the big moment. The brunette is first, over the desk again, a brief warmup with some handspanks, then 14 slow strokes with repeats, followed by 10 more she must count out, actually 11, because her count wasn’t “sincere.” Wiggles, closeups, hanging boobs, complaining, sexy kicking, altogether engaging. One guy canes, the other keeps her her bottom in place.

And finally, Alison goes over, gets her bottom warmed up, and she counts out her 12 strokes. Legs wide, bottom in motion, we marked down an ‘A+’ to describe this scene. The girls can leave now. If they want to shoplift,  we know what to expect, antique methods of correction, glowing results.


18 Jun

2F/2f;  year: 2005;  time: 54 minutes

The use of blindfolds in CP is infrequent, probably a challenge to laws; we enjoyed it here. Miss Beason is hired at a restaurant where the female owner enforces performance with a strong hand.

The owner calls another waitress (actress Emma Brown) to find Beason; it’s  discipline time, for a number of things. The girls, even the owner, wear mock-Victorian short-skirted little-girl uniforms. After a lecture: “I’m going to punish your bottom.” Beason kneels on a chair and is handspanked on nice white satin panties before they come down. She stoically takes her medicine.

Emma joins in the spanking, a domme role later in her career. Ms. Brown is no longer the teen waif she appeared in her first films, making her all the more delectable a  target for us. But Emma does not spank Beason with any enthusiasm here. After this dust-up spanking, the girls are sent back to work.

Beason is soon back in trouble, this time fiscal, for an inventory or accounting error she disguised, much more serious. Madame points out Beason has been trying to “keep us in the dark,” so she’ll get the same. The girls untie her maid’s apron, roll it into a band, and slowly blindfold her with it. Erotic. She remains submissive and compliant. She is assisted to kneel on the chair, her white pants come down. The manager uses a floppy leather paddle. “Oow, please, Miss!” When Emma paddles, she is again suspiciously lenient.

A bigger reformatory strap, delivered from the boss, then from Emma. They move quietly around her, so she can’t tell from where or from whom the next smack will come. The two ladies help Beason to remove her uniform. In just panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels, she is a picture over the table. Pants south, the paddle much harder this time. Beason is left to contemplate, blindfolded, and doubled over grabbing her ankles–a very unpleasant posture to be forced to hold.

Emma returns with a thick synthetic cane. From the madame, seven strokes bending over, then a dozen over the table. She is released, the blindfold removed and she admits she did not make the ledger error but took the blame. It was Emma.

The madame grabs Emma OTK, bunches up her panties, and there’s that butterfly tattoo we wait to see in each performance. Onto the chair, pants down. “Get further down.” The red paddle on her bottom, worth waiting to see. “You know what’s coming next!”

Emma’s beautiful face attracts inserts from the film editors. “Now we know why you didn’t spank hard…guilt!” The paddles and the strap precede the cane, which the madame waves in her face. Over the table, 15 moderate strokes, a lot of rubbing, then about 8 harder ones to conclude. Back to work.


Price of a Visa 2 – PEACHES

18 Jun

2M/3f;  time: 51 minutes

Another producer we are not familiar with, one which we suspect has acquired films from other makers. This one employs two actors we have enjoyed in three or four films, actresses Aura Adama and a male companion she often appeared with, in at least ‘Uncompromising Canings’ (CalStar), and ‘The Caning of the Spanish Master’s Wife’ (Moonglow). We burden you with these references because Aura plays a spirited naked spankee and her male counterpart a hard and relentless spanker in all the films. Their presence ensures a good time.

‘Visa 2’ has the staging and feel of a CalStar distribution. (We have not found ‘Visa 1’ yet.) The plot is one CalStar has used before–immigration officials prowling with the paddle and cane to sort out violations off-the-books by helpless comely illegals who fall prey to their grasp.

An immigration officer spots ‘Cheena,’ a Thai girl he has apprehended before, working in a club not permitted on her visa. He has spanked her previously, but this time she will be deported. Of course she begs and he relents, but “It will be much harder this time.”

‘Evon,’ the Spanish actor playing the nightclub manager, hovers around the edge of this ambush, claiming he did not know his employees were illegal, and he would like to assist the IO, have a piece of her himself. He takes Cheena OTK in the darkened club–looks like a real nightclub given over to a spanking filming set in its off-hours. Cheena accepts her fate. “Pull up her skirt,” instructs the IO. Evon pulls down her thong. “Oh sir, it’s so humiliating.”

The IO has brought a briefcase. He hands Evon a round leather paddle. The IO needs to take over. She kneels on a chair. Another item from the briefcase. “More implements?” she asks, possibly the only time that line appears in all adult filmdom. It’s a thin tawse. She stands and steps out of her thong. They agree: “We’re having some effect now.”

A wide five-fingered short tawse, thick and rigid, comes next. Cheena cries out.

Two more girls wonder onto the set, club workers also, presumably curious about all the commotion. Cheena, eager to get her bottom off the firing line, tattles on them–these are the girls who are selling false passports. Neither these girls, nor Cheena, nor Evon speak much English, only the IO.

The IO declares: “These two deserve the same.” Brunette Aura, tall and mysterious, is taken OTK by Evon. The IO takes the second brunette OTK–her striking face will fascinate the camera. Pants down for both, two spankings on-screen. Onto chairs, each gets a paddle. Aura takes off all her clothes–she is the only one with a nudity bonus clause for this film. Both girls bend over their chairs for various implements from the briefcase. The men switch bottoms. All three girls are paraded, Aura naked. Evon has a cane handy in his club. The IO notes, “I can see you have done this before.”

The pretty brunette will be caned first. “Why should I go first?” Over a stool, skirt up, no panties. Evon and the IO share 12 strokes. She is quiet and facials suggest she is seriously wondering why she took this acting assignment. The guys cut her a break–the strokes don’t bit much.

Cheena gets her 12 next, much harder, Evon the most severe. Naked Aura looks on, giving us an eyeful.

And last, Aura goes far over the stool, she is so tall. The men combine for about 18 strokes. Tears drip down. The last stroke is filmed from above; too bad this angle wasn’t repeated for all these classy bottoms.

The sore bottoms stand together at the end, Aura’s figure prevailing. If we were the IO, we’d be back here in two weeks for a follow-up check.

Doctor Knows Best – CALSTAR

18 Jun

F/2f; time: 53 minutes

An American production with the predictable lack of imagination. A female therapist, herself an attractive thin blonde, uses corporal punishment to lift the burdens of her patients.

The therapist sits at a desk in a setting where no one took five minutes to make it look like a professional office. Her first patient is a young lady whose ‘auntie’ at home spanks her for just about any trivial transgression, so that now all she can think about is spanking, and it has affected her relationships. If she were a Brit, this would not be a burden.

The therapist will spank her once a week, starting today, to “life the burden.” The girl is sent to change and returns in a school uniform. The therapist has laid out an impressive array of spanking implements. We’re not sure whose burden is “lifted” by this role-play, but we’ll go along.

The girl is spanked OTK, panties down immediately. The therapist checks with the director before starting in with the paddle, and concentrates more on the thighs than we usually see. The girl stands, they take off her blouse together, and she goes over the desk in just bra. The patient-girl selects a strap. Next comes a cane. Silly taps.

Now naked, the girl has to hold her panties in her mouth, hands-on-head, the only scene moving us so far. Diaper position on the desk, the therapist holds two riding crops and snaps her bottom and breasts. Session ends–schedule for next week.

The ‘doctor’ calls in the next patient. Tamarra, a jet-black haired lesbian who pines over the loss of her dominant partner. The therapist will stand in–implements out, up on the desk, silly spanking and fondling in various positions and increasing nudity. A strap, cane, riding crop, and plastic ruler just don’t move the meter. In most British CP, the intensity escalates, and the verbal banter diminishes, as the actress moves to her pain threshold.


18 Jun

M/f;  year: 2005;   time: 30 minutes

Our first exposure to this widely respected production company, and we now see what the fuss is about. A simple enough storyline, and a prototype plot for DST: Ariel has come to the studios to accept a spanking session. She has volunteered in hopes of being a better and more attentive employee. She is a tall, dark-eyed brunette, reminding us of the actress Cher about 30 years ago.

Dallas interviews her Internet-style. Never been spanked except for playful taps; she has heard of ‘Dallas Spanks Hard’ from friends and understands this is not to be a playful session. Nice intimidating setup as this attractive model is held full-screen during the realization.

After a dramatic pause Ariel is asked to stand in front of a door, remove her dress and her panties. She pulls down a simple sundress, wears no bra, and only black boyshorts. She turns her back to us and pulls down the shorts, dispalying a wide perfect feminine bottom. She bends to step out of them, quite mindful of the spectacular vision she presents, and with a touch of runway flair.

Dallas adjust her position at the doorframe, hands just-so, feet wide apart, and begins spanking with an impressive paddle/strap. Ariel gasps and wiggles from the first, round bruises and blotches appear immediately. She gulps air as if she had LeMaze training–a method to diffuse pain. Wonderful erotic tension.

For the next phase, she is led submissively by the hand completely naked, her red bottom the center of our attention, to another informal scene. She first kneels on a prayer stool but then rises and is taken OTK by Dallas. Excellent full-face shots highlight her mystic beauty and her pink nudity. A crisp handspanking on her already ripe bruised bottom creates much discomfort. Dallas encourages her to look into the camera. Unhappy face.

Ariel shifts to a more formal B&D device, a frame with a padded waist-high crossbar. Ariel rest her hips on this crossbar and spreads her arms and legs in an ‘X’ pattern, but she is not tied down. First she hands Dallas a fearsome looking leather satrap. Great looks at her naked body, from the rear and oblique, and of an apprehensive face when she handles the strap.

Amidst much intimidating talk and scolding, Dallas begins with the strap, on a bottom which looks like it already had a meeting with a waffle iron. Ariel can hardly hold still. “oh…fuck…shit.”  She jiggles, screams, and swears between strokes. “Oh. fuck…oh, fuck…” Facial closeups, her long raven hair is matted with sweat and tears run on her face.

This may be just good acting and there may have been help from the makeup department, but DST made a convert and a customer of us. Ariel walks off naked, providing the only frontal, very Brazilian and very glamorous. If it were us, we wouldn’t send her home just yet.

A Change in the Law – STING IN THE TAIL

17 Jun

F/2f;  year: 2003; time: 5o minutes

SIT’s Christina Lee plays ‘Miss Kendall,’  a school official sent to a student’s house. The mother is shocked by daughter Felicity’s offenses, and when she hears the police could be involved, she drops the magic words and asks if there is some other way to resolve this situation.

Of course there is, thanks to a change in the law: Corporal Punishment–spanking, can be substituted. Kendall explains, but for both the mother and the daughter. (As we write this, young ‘thugs’ rampage in Great Britain. Should they change the ‘law’?) CalStar, Miss Marchmont, and Strictly English have done themes where both mother and daughter drop pants for an enterprising school official. This film was marketed in two parts.

The mother relectantly accepts the arrangement. Kendall goes to her car to “get a few things” (another fully stocked government car), which turn out to be paddles and canes. While preparations are made to deal with the mother, we watch Felicity changing into her school uniform. The mother goes OTK. “This is so embarrassing.” After 12 minutes of denouement, the spanking begins. Skirt up, panties  bunched then down.

Felicity appears and must witness her mother’s bare bottom being belabored by Kendall. Felicity wears a silk blouse, black skirt, white knee socks and necktie. She takes her turn OTK, the mother stands to the side to watch, full frontal to us. Felicity’s lavender panties come down, a big tramp stamp tattoo, dating this film. Felicity’s bottom blotches very quickly.

It’s the mother’s turn again; rucked-up skirt off, panties discarded, she kneels on a chair for a large round leather floppy paddle. her bottom rouges quickly as Felicity witnesses. Felicity takes her place, Kendall does the panties-honors. During this segment, the camera catches up-skirt shots of Kendall as she paddles. It’s either no-pants or a thong that she wears, or doesn’t wear..

Kendall will now cane both women. The tedium of the moderate spankings thus far will be relieved by these canings. the mother bends over the front of the leather easy chair, eventually lowering her head into its seat, for 10 fast cane strokes, then another 40, with some rest pauses. Kendall canes with short sharp wrist snaps, not mean, but the stroke count is high and the stripes are there to be counted.

Felicity assumes the same pose and takes about 45 strokes.

Afer a side-by-side bottom comparison, Kendall handsmacks both tushes again just for the fun of it and leaves. Mother and daughter embrace. Another successful government program!