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Cautioned With The Cane – CALSTAR

31 Jul

M/f; year: 1997; time: 36 minutes

A silly plot but a fun fantasy, where the local constable takes matters into his own hands, as it were. Mrs. Jenkins is seen whirling around Southall Beach in her car,observed and recorded by a police constable, who apparently knows who she is and is soon at her doorstep.

Jenkins is a mature blonde, no bobby socks in this film. The officer, an older guy without noticeable dramatic flair, could play a role as a finance minister in another BBC film tomorrow. Jenkins denies such beach doings but caves when the officer shows her the sand on her car.

It seems Jenkins used to be married to a brother police officer who liked to entertain the boys with descriptions of their spanking games. The officer suggests that, in lieu of a summons, hearing, and a fine, they play some of those games. She is quick to agree.

To begin, he takes her OTK in what looks like the hallway of her house. We wondered why the scene was so confined; part of the erotic backdrop here is that Jenkins let this strange authority figure into her house and is going to take her pants off for him.

“Stand up. Take down those jeans.” He handspanks her standing, just a little white thong, mostly bare bottom. Bend-over at a chair. “You’re almost ready for the strap.”

He suggests they go upstairs, where he knows she kept spanking implements and all sorts of naughty things. He follows her mostly bare bottom up the stairs, having a better perspective than we get. “I must say, Mrs. Jenkins, that was a very nice view.” we have pointed out these stairway episodes where we find them,  our current favorite being in CalStar’s ‘Fair Measures.’

From an armoire, she selects red panties and a little satin waitress’ outfit, meant for nothing but naughty-time. Another nude dressing scene, typical of the film era. She gathers a supply of spanking implements.

The officer is very pleased with her choice of costume. Over a stool, spanking with a paddle on the tight red panties. “It’s time these came down.” Pubic thatch. “Perhaps move your feet apart a little bit.” She lies face down on her bed for another strap. He pulls the red knicks down, “right off this time.” Pillows under her bottom, still the position is not productive. She kneels up on her elbows, bottom high. Now it’s perfect! More with a wooden paddle.

“Lie down again….turn over.” He helps her into the diaper position. She has begun to whine, but he reminds her of the alternative—heavy fine and no car.

“Get up and bend over the stool.” She spreads her legs without being prompted. 10 strokes from the cane, the officer is hitting harder. While he selects another cane from the collection, “Let’s have this dress off.”  Jenkins faces us, fully naked, hands on head. Back over the stool, legs splayed, 8 more with a stiffer cane. A closeup confirms Ms. Jenkins is quite excited by all this. He’ll be watching for her car and would love to come back here again. “Stick your bottom out.”


Beating at the Bell – CALSTAR

31 Jul


Feels like an early CalStar and uses the 1950’s-decor pub for its set we’ve seen before, except that the Lesbian sex play is unusually explicit for an early film. We’re at ‘The Bell,’ a roadhouse. Three slightly sleazy-acting waitresses loll and skylark instead of working. ‘Katcha,’ a striking brunette; ‘Tammi Lee,’ another brunette, runway-body, and ‘Michelle,’ a reddish-brunette.

The girls wrestle Tammi onto her back on a table top, unbutton her clothes, dispose of purple panties, and give her a jolly rogering, almost a fisting, some hard jamming, maybe some anal penetration. Aggressive stuff for CP.

Club owner Harry bursts in on this lesbian melee and is suitably upset. In lieu of firing them, “I’m going to deal with it my own way.” Tammi, being the naughtiest, will have the roughest time, but that’s what we came for. Harry is one of the grizzled ageplay guys from central casting who might be working for nothing to get access to these girls.

The nightclub-spanking theme crops up frequently, probably because the sets are available daytime and the models are plausible employees.

Tammi, “Tammi Fucking Lee,” Harry calls her, goes OTK, little red skirt up. They suddenly shift position of the chair–someone couldn’t achieve the proper camera angles. Harry pulls her purple lace knickers down. [sirens on the soundtrack]  The low-end girls taunt the spanking and cuss. Michelle is next OTK. Her white panties, decorated with red accents, fit delightfully tightly. Perfect tush. Harry separates her thighs and brings the knickers down ever so slowly.

Katcha retrieves a soft paddle. Michelle must lean over a cocktail table. Paddling hard and loud; she stretches those knicks tight across her ankles. Katcha over the table, then over Tammi’s lap. Black knickers. Harry wants her to hit harder, then takes over.

We move to another room,  a gaudily memorable place. Katcha is spanked. Tammi makes sure we see her charms as she holds Katcha still. A low shot of Katcha catches the flash of a pussy ring.

Since Katcha acts as “manager,” she gets the cane. “Oh no,  Harry, not the cane. That really hurts.” The room goes quiet; almost 30 strokes shown–repeats, various angles, but the hardest spanking yet.

Spectator Michelle bitches just a little too much. Bend-over, pants down, six strokes.

At the conclusion, the voice of Michael Dawes booms on the set, shouting at the girls. Has he been the director?


Bare Bottom Brits #11 – XEROTICS

31 Jul

M/f; time: 50 minutes  6 parts

This series consists of short-segment films. The same actress appears in the six stories here, unrelated in plot. If you fancy pale Irish skin, freckles, and red hair, you’ll enjoy this young lady’s performances.

Caning Justine“: Justine is in perfect schoolgirl kit. A familiar male has her in-hand. She is in trouble for something which has earned the cane. Bend-over, touch toes, skirt up, maroon knickers. She stands straight and gets handspanked erect, then back over to touch toes, the supervisor pulls her panties down, legs wide, display of charms, 12 mild strokes of the cane, good grabbing, rubbing, closeups. (8 minutes)

“False Information”: Same scene, same actors. Pretty Justine wears white blouse, dark skirt, ribbons in her hair. She is sweetly embarrassed. “Take off your skirt.” The guy soon tugs down her tiny thong. Perfectly shaven. Bend-over a tall barstool, a great spanking posture. Legs open, full charms. This British Spanking series crew loves these shots. With a tawse, the male turns her bottom a uniform pink, full cheeks and flanks. (16 minutes)

“Justine’s Arrival”: Justine in trouble again. Same actors. She starts to rub her bottom even as she is being scolded. The set is the same, the furniture rearranged. Little jacket off, OTK, skirt up, little lavender panties nicely filled out; Justine is spanked to a smooth pink;  her bottom is clear, suggesting these scenes have been spaced or cleverly arranged. He tugs the pants down; we watch her face as it happens. Just a handspanking, but bravo this actress. (7 minutes)

Justine is in the next segment, back in schoolgirl attire, awaiting a spanking, and staring at a cane and a ‘slipper’ on a table. She is scolded, taken OTK, blue knickers down. This time her bottom is tinted a bit. She stands, is cornered bare-bottom, then bends over, hands on the floor and a camera shot up between her legs. Nothing more we need to know about this colleen. She gets a mild caning, with some surprising low strokes. (15 minutes)

“Rosenburg’s First Shoot”: The redhead again, playing the model, primping in front of a screen, pink top and jeans. The photographer grabs her OTK; she drops her jeans herself; he takes her knickers down; red bottom already; over a stool for glancing blows with a paddle. Save this film under ‘Redheads.’

Miss Bondwell’s Reformatory – LONDON ENTERPRISES

31 Jul

F/3f; year: 1993; time: 57 minutes

A clunky American production; silly Victorian costumes and terrible acting; the lead actress saves the day as her clothes come off. Confusing story (we made the mistake of seeking a plot), but four naked and unusually beautiful ladies.

Pretty auburn-haired Prudence, doe-eyed, pale and freckled, is delivered by her Uncle Cyrus Fenwick to the Madame at Miss Bondwell’s Reformatory. Private arrangements are made at this place to straighten out young ladies. It seems they are also given some brothel training, which should make them very entertaining when they return home.

“Let’s have a look at you.” “I beg your pardon?” Prudence stammers. “Your clothes, get them off….I  want to see your bottom.” Madame (she is played by B&D actress Sharon Kane) rings and sexy maid Felicia appears. Prudence soon strips to just a bustier. Madame is surprised (and so are we) to see she is not wearing a bra or panties. She is handcuffed and led off.

In a dormitory setting, now in their nighties, Prudence meets Alicia, who tells her this place is just a cover for a bordello. She will be delivered to customers soon. The girls are chained to their bunks for the night–hope everyone used the John!

Next day, it’s time for a session for Prudence. A maid pulls her corset stays as tight as possible; b&d collar and cuffs attached, her arms fastened overhead to a spreader bar. Very sweet, pae freckled skin, boobs above the corset, bare bottom and tawny pubis below. After a little teasing, she is released to practice posture walk with a book balanced on her head. An entertaining drill when the young lady is also naked. She gets 10 strokes of a riding crop for each book drop–twice. Great closeups of an absolutely perfect bottom.

The film is divided into scenes. Madame is in bed, mostly naked. Prudence is strung up, made to watch a nude lesbian scene between Madame and a naked maid, Alicia.  Mild faux stuff but sweet bodies. Silly Gothic music soundtrack. Alicia  kneels on the bed, thighs wide, totally exposed, her buttocks and thighs all muscle, for a spanking. Madame is aroused. “It’s so red,” she declares. NOT! Nobody is spanking hard enough here. And, in a turn of events definitely not found in CP, Alicia lies on her back and the Madame sits on her face for some oral attention.

Newbie Prudence is chained up again for the night and told “You will be sent to the other house tomorrow night.”

More scenes: The Madame keeps tormenting her girls. She straps naked Felicia to a St. Andrew’s cross, “your favorite thing,” full frontal, and is flogged on her nipples and thighs, while an anxious Emily watches.

Scene: Emily is fastened on her back on a rack, her legs elevated and spread,  her ankles fastened to a spreader bar, loosely enough so she can wriggle maddeningly, camera shots between her legs. Naked Prudence must witness.

It was cheaper on the budget not to see Prudence’s brothel debut. Madame was pleased. “You could hear him screaming,” she says of Prudence’s client.

The film concludes with several scenes of Prudence in the madame’s chamber; she is pretty enough to arouse us just standing there. She is strung up naked to a pole, nuzzling it between her legs for a mild, sexy spanking and cropping, her round perfect buttocks featured in a closeup.

“I think it is time we go to the rack.” Fastened face up for the flogger, fuzzy frontal closeups, nipples erect. Uncle Cyrus is ushered in by Emily and feigns shock.

In the final scene, Prudence is now the attending shackled maid, ready to receive female trainees.

Double Discipline – SPANKINGONLINE

31 Jul

2M/2f; time: 39 minutes

The actress Rosaleen Young addresses the camera, explaining that she will act out some classic schoolgirl CP fantasies, showing us her school uniform, straw boater, and red knickers. Her appearance is the only redeeming aspect of this film.

The first scenario involves a familiar headmistress, Miss Parker, who has received a shoplifting complaint from the police on Rosaleen. It’s either the police or “discipline,” which means “red bottoms…use of implements…and today, severe caning, strapping, AND spanking!”  The headmistress keeps checking the director to see if she did it right. Rosaleen the pro is a cool cookie and doesn’t need anyone’s assurance. She is going to receive a spanking now and then be required to show her bottom to the shopowners. Wish we could be there.

The headmistress starts with a handspanking on her well-fitted knickers. “I bet you get a real kick out of this,” Ms. Young says, speaking to the world at large. Another teacher is called in, Kirsty,  to hold her still. They wrestle her to a kneeling position on a couch and pull down the knickers. A strap meets a cute red bottom.

Roz takes off her own knickers, keeping her front covered with her skirt, as she always does. The headmistress gets her cane, the teacher holds her wrists and she takes 12 silly pushes, but she is cute and fun to watch. She apologizes and gets 8 more. No damage. She runs off carrying her knickers.

The headmistress, trying hard to seem severe and menacing, turns on the teacher, who has been seen at the club watching a naughty video with Mr. Johnson from the geometry department. That means a spanking. “Oh, no, you’re not going to see my bum.” Skirt up. “You’re wearing tarty panties…I prefer nice big knickers which cover my bottom.” The OTK spanking mostly amuses, so far. Rosaleen is eavesdropping.

Caught! Marched by the ears, the Head will spank both bottoms. They bend and hold each others’ shoulders, panties bunched, alternate harmless handspanks. A really rocking spanking would have been exciting in this position. Both girls, hands-t0-wall, frisk position, bottoms out.

Rosaleen gets a thick strap at the conclusion, bent over with legs wide, pants on. She survives for her next film.

Bare Bottom Brits #10 – XEROTICS

30 Jul

M/f; time: 57 minutes (in 4 parts)

Four short spanking stories, based on simple and familiar themes, with just a bit more pornographic reference than most CP films.

I-‘Angelina’ and ‘Lena,’ two brunettes, audition for a spanking film. An older woman will do the spanking test and offers a “soft” and “hard” version. Long-haired Angelina elects the soft route, is taken OTK and handsmacked on mostly bare cheeks in a photographer’s portrait setting. She flashes her tended mohawk when she gets up.

Lena elects ‘hard,’  hoping for a better part. It seems just a harder handspanking, but Lena likes it.  With her thong down, “….better than I expected, I’m getting wet.” The girls sit and masturbate, knees wide, while they discuss the experience with the interviewer. Lena is spanked again while Angelina finishes her orgasm, not the best we have seen (10 minutes).

II-‘Insolent Schoolgirl’  ‘Jodie,’ a sultry frosted blonde who would be a problem walking around your school halls, is called to the office. She has been seen shoplifting downtown. “You’re going to be thrashed, bare bottom, across my knee.” When he pulls down her pants, her bottom is already a little red, understandable for these episode-films. Jodie’s hazel eyes find the camera.

“Lift up your skirt, face me…humiliatiing, isn’t it?” Maybe, but not for the camera, which zooms in on her shaved charms. This segment concludes with a bend-over strapping, mostly sweet facials. (11 minutes)

III – ‘Lazy Secretary’: The blonde who played ‘Jodie’ above, on the same set, reading a magazine, loafing even though she called in on overtime to the office. Her boss, Peters, bawls her out: “Twenty years ago you’d have been over my knee.” The actress, mildly amused by all these corny lines, agrees to be spanked.

“Take off your dress.”  Pink bra and panties. OTK. An impressive tramp stamp tattoo. Good closeups, an effective handspanking. “Stand up…take those knickers off.” Lovely lady. Bra off, she is a charming cherub when nude. More OTK; this boss is certainly having some fun with his secretary on a Saturday afternoon.

Hands-on-head, naked at the wall; she laughs at the sight of his strap. Hands-on-chair, mild spanking, she keeps catching us with those eyes. The cane is next, just tappity-taps. Someone may have been preserving the bottom on this wonderful actress. This may be the most erotic performance we have seen from Jodie, who is nude for most of the film and quite comfortable about it. (21 minutes).

IV- “Schoolgirl Cheats”: Angelina and Lena, with the older schoolmarm, from the first episode of this film. A rather unique antique school desk is the central prop. Lena is spanked over the desk, bare bottom, “legs apart,” and confesses Angelina is her accomplice. She is made to face front, charms on display. Angelina called in, over the desk, white panties down. Lena back over the desk again, forced to spread her legs 36″, quite the show. Slow-motion slippering. This cameraman very interested in intimate views. (15 minutes)

Caning After Hours – CALSTAR

30 Jul

M/f; year: 1997; time: 15 minutes

An older guy, ‘Andy,’ seems to have care of a young lady, played by our cherished actress Alison Payne, who we have praised so much, to the point of obsession. She is as naughty and deserving here as in any film of hers you will see, all communicated in a brief 15 minutes. Long chestnut hair, charming face, and a wriggling body no spanking could ever subdue.

Alison begs to go out for the evening, wiggling and tempting with her body, wrapped in a short striped jersey dress. A 12:30 AM curfew is established, as he playfully slaps her bottom. “Be careful.” Andy knows she will be late and will have had a few drinks, setting up a stupendous opportunity for him, so he waits up, paddle/strap kept warm in his hand, as she gambols in at 1:10 AM.

“What’s that in your hand….why do I have to take a dose of that?” says Alison, when she sees the strap. He has filmed her ditching her last drink in the bushes as she arrives. There is the normal CP repartee Ms. Payne does so well, surely without rehearsal, as Andy gets her OTK. Skirt up, white panties, he smacks her glorious bottom, one of the treasures of the industry. She will be content with these attentions so long as Andy doesn’t tell her mother. Andy calls her a “temptress,” rightly so.

Andy bunches her panties then pulls them down. The camera zooms to hold her bottom full-screen. She struggles, but not too much. Andy is having a high old time with her, and she is not unaware. “Stand up…take your knickers down…off.” In one of our favorite moments in the film, Alison hands him her panties with saucy defiance; he refuses them and she tosses them aside.

“Pull your dress up.” She presents a completely unshaven thatch with the same casual insouciance and downright pride, as if to say ‘Like it?’  He sends her upstairs to get her nightie on while he gets his cane.

She returns in a slinky white satin affair and is surprised. “I thought I was getting the strap, not the cane!” She bends over a chair. He asks her to pull her nightie tight over her bottom. She takes 6 crackers on the satin–nobody whines and begs quite like Alison.

“Pull your skirt up.” Bare bottom, with some lines already drawn. She wasn’t wearing knickers. She takes 12 more, harder, and cannot keep count. Legs shake and quiver, bottom writhes. Gasps. Nightie back down, she is sent to bed with a few zingers ro spur her along.

Total Embarrassment – MOOD PICTURES

26 Jul

2F/4f;  time: 1 hr, 25 minutes

The theme here reminds us of Raven Hill’s ‘Beach Girl Spankings,’ where the enterprising producers comb the beaches of Tampa and induce girls to be spanked on film for money. Mood takes the concept to another level, as you would expect, applying their distinct European intensity.

Mood’s ‘Kyra’ cruises the streets, looking for attractive, approachable single girls. In preparation for “Game One,” she convinces a tall blonde behind a retail counter, and two brunettes window-shopping, to return to the studio for a “party.”  The premise is–the girls will be guaranteed $2000 to play a quiz game, removing one article of clothing for each wrong answer. The first girl naked will be the loser and accept 50 strokes of the cane.

We have enjoyed various forms of the bottom-gamble: strip poker, shoots-and-ladders parlor games, straight poker, dice, where the loser, always an embarrassed, hesitant young lady, must concede and pay up the hard way. At Mood, rhis conclusion is downright terrifying. We have frequently turned away from Mood’s harshness, but here the girls’ reluctant compliance with the rules of the game and their desire to make money makes it more palatable for us.

The girls chat with Krya in an informal sitting room set, sweetly nervous,with self-conscious glances at the camera. The rules are repeated, including the caning penalty. The quiz on geography produces wrong answers. The girls must stand to undress. When bras come off and we’re down to panties and thongs, Kyra has to encourage the girls not to cover their nudity. On the last round, the big blonde wins by saving her white thong, her last garment, while the two brunettes become naked, both losing their panties on the last round. So both will  be caned.

The naked girls kneel on a low table with an inverted-U shaped frame in the middle, designed to keep their backs arched. Wrists are manacled; knees spread. The caning, on the buttocks and with access to the complete expanse of the thighs, is ferocious, done  by two women, alternate strokes, much wailing and gasping. “Dish your back. Stick it out.”

Game Two: Kyra back in the car for a windshield prowling search for sexy material. Brunette Suzy and frosted blond Daphne are persuaded, and after a quiz on countries and capital cities, the blonde is handing over her panties and headed for the table. “Get ready for the cane.”

Game Three: the screen prompt reads” “4 girls, two losers.” 2 brunettes and 2 blondes. Same studio quiz, foreign currencies. A blonde and a brunette get the right to scream through 50 toe-curling strokes, naked side-by-side on two tables.

Caned and Shamed – SPANKINGONLINE (SOL)

26 Jul

M/f; time: 33 minutes

We have spent some money with this Internet-related company, which has collected a few pearls from various vaults and issued medium-length no-nonsense spanking films, with plausible storylines, some CP stars, and effective action.

In this film, a diminuative schoolgirl stands in a corner of an office, apparently awaiting the arrival of a disciplinarian. She pulls her pants down, fondles her bottom, and plays with herself; the nervous anticipation of getting a spanking is not all bad.

A male teacher enters, scolds her (we couldn’t hear her offenses). She is quickly and willingly OTK, skirt up, white panties. He raises an even red glow on both cheeks below the knickers on her bare thighs.

Panties down, not a sound, she remains steady and tranquil. She stands for more lecturing, unconcerned by the fuzzy frontal display she presents, panties puddled on her shoes. Sexy. She is cornered and allowed to rub.

The male returns after this break and takes a cane off a hook where it has been looming under her gaze.  The young lady assumes the position, hands on ankles, and takes 17 strokes before she jumps up out of position, fighting hysteria. Back in position–15 more zingers.

FADE to a bedroom scene; she must be in boarding school; she masturbates in bed and there are flashbacks of her spankings, caning, and humiliation. She has a huge battery-operated dildo with the little attachment to get at her clitoris. She knows just what to do and jerks to orgasm.

She dresses slowly into schoolgirl kit and reports to the same office, for more punishment. She must bend over, the teacher lowers her pants–there are the results of the previous caning. He lays on 10 more cane strokes, and then with a touch of insidious meanness, he lays on 10 more on her buttocks crease and upper thighs. She is in tears, hands over her panties, and willingly spreads her legs.

She positions a small chest and climbs on, into the diaper position, for another round of caning, all much more than punishment by now.

Before she returns to the corner, she must completely undress–blazer, blouse, skirt. Nervous shivers–very good. But even more, a naked bend-over for six more with the cane, before she collapses naked on the floor into the fetal position, looking very small.

Back in the corner, closeups on her bottom show the canings were indeed low on her buttocks, the upper portions are mostly clear, not laddered as we are used to.

The Body Shop – OOHTEEKAY/

26 Jul

2M/f; time: 55 minutes

Cecil B.  and Christina Carter in another long film, mostly an homage to Ms. Carter’s naked body.

Christina argues with the service attendant (Cecil B.) at the counter of an automobile  body shop. Haven’t we all been there? However, not too many of us have lost our pants in the process. Cecil bends her over the counter, has her skirt up; soon she takes her blouse off, she goes OTK, her black panties come down, she kneels on the floor, he pulls her bra down, a hairbrush materializes from somewhere in the shop, she kneels on a chair displaying full charms, this session ends, she dresses.

This improbable string of events would not be notable except for the Reubenesque body of Ms. Carter, for which the whole sequence was devised. Cecil never spanks hard.

Another guy enters the office. What the hell, they will spank Christina all over again, together. After some more over-the-counter the three go out onto the shop floor for some diverting games which suggest no customers will be walking in.

Christina is made to strip naked. She embodies all the latest craze in TV-reality girls in one package. The boys tie her up, actually hogtie her, slowly, and gag her. She is partially released, then strung up, struggling professionally, with a ball gag muffling her gasps. Next she is tied spreadeagle over the hood of a car and given a thorough frigging, including a finger in her anus.

Released, hands tied behind her back, gagged again, she is locked into the trunk of a car, gangster-hit style. These elements of standard B&D are not fully consummated somehow, maybe the bonds are a bit too loose or Christina is  too compliant, but we’ve had almost an hour of her body, enough for both guys.