Domestic Discipline – CALSTAR

9 Jul

M/f; time: 34 minutes

Another American Punishment Series adventure; a yound tattooed Sir Nik will manhandle his domestic servant maid, a mousy brunette, in a fully furnished living room. She sits on a low table, wearing a frilly maid’s apron.

Nik arrives, scolds a minute and takes her OTK in a large oak chair, apron up, panties down. Another low table holds a collection of spanking implements. He switches to a long leather strap, then a thin wood junior-sized fraternity paddle, holding her down with a handful of hair, a particularly harsh gesture you wouldn’t find from a member of the House of Lords.

The girl takes off her apron and is now naked except for a garter belt and stockings. She bends over a chair. Nik uses a thin round wood paddle about the size of a frying pan, which covers her whole bottom. The low and angled camera shots form the rear are the only novel variation so far.

Nik places one foot on the chair and takes her over that knee for more spanking. With her bottom so high, Nik begins a pornographic probing of her anus and between her legs.

The girl pulls off Nik’s belt, kneels on the floor, and is whipped with it.

Hands-on-chair, Nik positions her carefully for the cane. There is a lot of tedious talk, faked swings, swooshing, etc. then an anti-climactic 3 strokes.

The naked maid lies on the floor and poses in various pornographic positions, which would seem to have nothing to do with getting her to do her work better. Her intimate body jewelry and athletic moves suggest she has a night job on a runway.

Back into the cane position for just a few more strokes. They hug and she walks off-set naked. Much ado about not very much.

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