Games Housewives Play – MOONGLOW

9 Jul

MF/2f; time: 1 hr. 15 minutes

Mature actress Sarah Harvey Lewis plays ‘Sally,’ a raunchy and adventurous housewife, naked in bed, on the phone with her girlfriend, remembering spanking and caning experiences they had, separately and together. The film contains a series of flashbacks conjured from the phone conversation, a mechanism Moonglow often used to string together a series of short CP episodes.

In the first, Sally gets out of bed and stands totally naked in front of a smarmy ageplay spanking actor ubiquitous in the Moonglow catalogue. Ms Lewis has rarely appeared so overtly naked, and here she sports the naughtiest mohawk we’ve seen this fiscal quarter. She is getting spanked for something, and bends far over a handy padded spanking trestle. She is getting the cane, 5 strokes, then a rapid whirring 15, then another slow 10, another fast flurry, and then 10 slow ones. She is sexually excited. He teases her with the cane tip, poking between legs, which she opens more and more in her arousal. It is a very erotic use of the cane, one we which were used more often.

There are cut-in scenes of her masturbating in a tennis costume. Was she caught? He suspects she likes the pain. “You have such erect nipples…they’re giving you away.” She is going to get weekly spankings because she is a “naughty little minx.”

Naked over the spanking trestle, the guy gives her several fast handspanking groups, bringing her to apparent orgasm. “Are you ready for the same tomorrow?” “Yes,sir.”

Back to the bedroom scene, Sally on the phone reminisces about another spanking. “I had to bend over the stool in my nightie.” Nightie up, no panties, but she does wear socks, the cinematic cure for dirty studio floors we’ve noted  from time to time. A half dozen rocking cane strokes. There is a knock on the door and a guy comes in, forcing her to hang up the phone. “Right, young lady, you know what I am going to do. Get out of bed and into position.” About 8 cane strokes, her bottom starting to show accrued marks. It is difficult to make one of these reminiscence movies of time-lapse scenes and keep your bottom fresh. “I’ll be back a little later to deal with that pussy of yours.”

In another scene, Sally lies on the same bed with her phone friend, actress Catherine Corbett, one of the all-time five-star warriors of the CP scene. Sally recalls another spanking event, and in a flashback takes another dozen canes strokes from a male actor who shows his face this time.

The girls recalling schoolgirl canings. Prefect Sally canes Corbett {‘Jennifer’), just six strokes shown. As they lie on the bed in their undies fondling and remembering spankings, Sally produces a cane from under the pillows. “Wow,” exclaims Jennifer, “I’ve been waiting years for this. (revenge)”

Bur first another flashback; Sally and Jennifer are both caned in the school setting. Notwithstanding the confusing plot line, there is a lot of spanking going on. Marked-up bottoms are in evidence.

Back in the bedroom, the girls snap and tease each other with the cane. Sally: “Let’s hope my husband doesn’t come home and find us.”  In fact the husband does walk in, sees his cahnce and sets to work.

He pulls Jennifer’s knickers down first, she gets 40 handspanks for the 40 pds wasted. Pretty aggressive we thought, since Sally not Jennifer is the man’s wife. But he does spank both girls, pillows under their bottoms, then a paddle. Everybody had a good time.

Three shorts:

I-‘Sally and the Two Canes’: Sarah Harvey Lweis again, same bedroom, lies naked on the bed. A male actor nips away at her with two canes, and with the tip of one cane does things to her you wonder why we don’t see more often in films. “I’m not supposed to like it but I do.” He uses the two canes like vibraphone mallets and seems to bring her to orgasm.

II-‘Moni’s Fist Visit to the Dungeon’: An Asian actress is strapped face down on a black leather bondage table, in a  well-equipped ‘dungeon’ which was used by Moonglow for a few films. A male actor works her bottom with a flogger and frigs with the other hand.

III- ‘Moni Caned in the Dungeon’: Another session, a continuation of above, Moni climbs onto the table, now lowered, very naked. A smarmy Moonglow actor straps her down then lays on about 25 hard, legitimate cane strokes. She jerks violently against the restraining straps, grunts and cries louder as the strokes become more severe.



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