Angela’s Fact and Fantasy – MOONGLOW

10 Jul

M/f; year: 2003; time: 52 minutes

A lot of full-fledged sexual activity mixed in with effective CP. Bottle blond Angela writhes nude on a bed, masturbating, in one of the recurring ‘fantasy’ phases of the film, to a Beethoven soundtrack. Her bottom is already mildly bruised and we shall see why.

Angela puts on a scandalous dress, reports to her ‘uncle,’ who is shocked at her appearance. “You’re dressed like a streetwalker.” He takes her OTK for the first conversion of fantasy into fact. “You know the position by now.” Very un-uncle like, he checks between her legs. “You’re getting wet again.”

He frigs her through her pantyhose. “Open those legs!” Harder. She bends over a couch arm, head to the floor, bottom as high as it can go, for a heavy strap. She gasps out 12. He frigs a few more times and she is sent off, satisfied. She returns to her bed for more nude fantasizing, her bottom a little more red than the first scene.

She returns to Uncle for more, “twelve strokes of the cane.” Top off, “One, uncle,  two, uncle.” Pants down at six. More rubbing and groping. Angela mugs for the camera. She likes. “I’ll be back for more.” Another nude scene, squishy pornographic.

“A Little Later in the Basement”: a separate episode. Angela is chased home by another older man, the father of another student she has been hassling. ‘Uncle’ will spank Angela right now, and the guy can watch.

OTK, knickers down. The guy is wondering if this is all she gets, a handspanking. No, it will be a whip, paddle, strap, and the cane. Uncle pries her cheeks apart to enhance the view, and lets the visitor have a feel.

Angela stands and yanks her panties up. “I didn’t say pull your knickers up.” That costs Angela ALL her clothes–Uncle pulls her dress over her head. She kneels naked on the couch and the TWO men alternate spanking her with various nasties–the visitor using a huge soft tawse.

The men spank her in  various positions–she is stark naked. The visiting father is feeling serious oats by now and frigs her hard with two hands–she practically stands on his hands. Squishy.

After a FADE, nude in bed, Angela calls Uncle in. “You made me very wet last night.” Shamelessly, he spanks and frigs her again on her bed. Fully pornographic.

Another FADE; the two men have her on the couch again, followed by another fantasy scene. Then another couch scene–Angela’s bottom has lost its rouge color.

In yet another fantasy scene–this film is difficult to chronicle–Angela wears a leather bondage harness affair. Our visitor hogties her with pink duct tape. She squirms on the floor in classic B&D film fashion, no sound but the struggle, and mugs for the camera. One bizarre moment after another, the visitor puts the stub of a lighted candle in her mouth as a gag, while he drips hot wax all over her naked front. What we need here is a good fucking, but it won’t happen.

To conclude, he burns her bottom with a flickering candle as she twists to avoid it.

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