Family Discipline – CONNOISSEUR CP

12 Jul

MF/3f; time: 51 minutes

Spanking to calm the rebellious daughter. An older couple await two rambunctious daughters–one is blond actress Emma Brown, and a brunette, who are late. They arrive, giggling and tipsy. There have been complaints in the neighborhood about the girls stealing and bullying. The ‘father,’ he is a step-father or uncle, has returned from Thailand because of this. He intends to see for himself how effectively the girls’ mother disciplines them.

The mother takes the brunette OTK first and she is spanked on naughty black hiphuggers. Nobody is very serious about any of this. Emma is spanked next–her pattern print panties complementing her top will be the subject of conversation later.

Uncle hands mom a paddle, then another, for both girls. Each is then caned, 6 for the brunette and about a dozen for Emma. None of this is worthy of detail.

The uncle takes over; each girl loses her panties on his lap. Emma defends her fancy print. “It’s the fashion.” The spanking, paddling, and caning are uneventful. The only notable event here comes when the chair is repositioned so the camera can shoot from the floor up at Emma, highlighting her muscular legs and athletic tush.

It seems logical–the wife herself needs an adjustment because of her inability to control these girls. The uncle/father takes his wife OTK, where this otherwise conservative and understated bunette gets a chance to show her finer points. She pulls her own slacks and panties down, looking quite accustomed to all this, and quickly admits she has been having “casual sex” while he has been away. She is spanked and caned; for some reason, the caning pauses, she pulls up her white panties, then takes another half-dozen. Must have said the ‘safe’ word.

The girls return in their nighties. They too admit to having sex with visitors. Both girls go through procedures with a crop, a slipper, paddles, a long red floppy doubled strap, a martinet, and the cane again. Nothing exciting. Emma gives us the best with her bent-over butterfly-tattoo bottom, solid thighs, and winking charms. All are warned this could happen again. We might pass.

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