Mrs. Armstrong – CALSTAR

12 Jul

MF/f; year: 1980’s; time: 21 minutes

A little jewel for our appetite for vintage, which seems to have fallen off the back of our bookshelf. A very young Michael Dawes, with full (and clean!) hair, and two actresses prominent in the CHEEKTOCHEEK ‘Military Discipline’ series make a brief and naughty foray into the nuances of British schoolgirl CP.

Mrs. Caroline Armstrong, a school administrator, has captured and detains Baxter, a saucy and disrespectful student, played by the astounding, astonishing Sarah-Jane Hamilton. Ms. Hamilton is a thin and willowy waif, except for the two key areas of her body. In this film she wears very long, wild, and curly dark hair. In the CTC films, she was a redhead, to match her fiery temper. Her snide and sneering facial gestures, communicating hostility, disgust, and supreme disrepect, incite you to hope for doubly-severe spankings. Baxter refuses to do housework for Armstrong and so is taken OTK.

Amstrong spanks her on an angled set of chairs. Skirt up, a high, hard bottom, which Baxter raises ever so slightly to meet the hand. Blue school knickers down, an old-fashioned whupping. Baxter submits and agrees to do the dishes, but she must do them in blouse and knickers only. Good humiliation. Nice scene of her at the sink, the pouty face in full flower.

The actor Michael Dawes, as Alistair Bates, arrives. He runs the school and has been searching for Baxter himself. He and Mrs. Armstrong discusses her–she is hopeless, they agree.

Caroline fetches Baxter to see Alistair. Baxter has now been stripped down to just knickers. Breasts bare, we mentioned she is not as thin as she looks, in the important places. No one is particularly embarrassed by this student nudity. Baxter drops her knickers and she bends over to show Alistair what Armstrong did to her bottom, giving us full frontal and continuing the tone of humiliating nudity. Alistair is not at all impressed with the insufficient spanking marks.

Alistair will do it again, and correctly; Caroline gets her cane. Baxter begs. “Remove her knickers, Caroline….take them…and soak them.” Baxter stands totally naked in front of us as they argue, the director fully aware how powerful Hamilton is, just standing there, seething with her little fury. Baxter drags the wet knickers back on and is forced to the center of the room and to bend over.

She is going to be caned and her bottom shown to the assembled students in the dining hall. No messing about in this school!  Alistair turns her body slightly  oblique so we may view her bottom and her hanging breasts.  Four very sharp cane strokes on the knickers–Baxter jumps up after the first and struggles to maintain control. Excellent, precise, wristy snaps. Wet panties down, slowly and colorfully by Alistair, 3 more hard cane strokes. In each of her films, this actress’ unhappy reaction to the cane would seem as realisitic as you would expect.

Caroline sits primly by, watching, and encouraging Alistair. As in her other films, you hope she too will be caught up in the discipline. At the conclusion, Alistair asks her to touch Baxter’s bottom. “Now that is how all pupils’ bottoms are to look.” Baxter is sent to the dining hall. Wish we could follow.

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