A Private Punishment – CALSTAR

13 Jul

M/f; year: 1980’s; time: 32 minutes

Fun film—the title could have been more descriptive. A  very young Michael Dawes, thin and still with short curly hair, much the same as in the period when he made films with Sophie Fennington, plays laid up with a leg injury, and angry that his visiting nurse is late for home therapy. The pair made a naughty and sexy little trifle here.

She shows up an hour late–a tall, blowsy blonde in the style of the late Farah Fawcett. Dawes fancies her in her sexy nurse’s smock, and as she begins massaging his leg, he begins talking about her interest in spanking. She is naughty, always late, none too respectful, so “I’ve decided I’m going to spank your bottom.” She notes he has a cane laying on the table and seems interested in exploring some CP.

He takes her OTK, somewhat gingerly with his bad leg, along the couch, and comments, probably ad lib in Dawes’ style, how attractive and sexy her nurse’s uniform is, as he pulls it up to expose a mostly bare bottom and a dark blue thong, garter belt, and stocking tops. He comments her bottom is already red, as if she were spanked at her last house call, an intriguing thought as we see more of her.

His prattling causes them both to laugh and look at the camera, but they recover and keep rolling. She kneels on the floor for a brief tawsing, a position more conducive to full swings.

The scene moves, awkwardly in this era for CALSTAR,  to the dining room, better space for the more full show about to be performed. Dawes asks her to start removing clothes–she is very much into all this by now. White uniform off, she stands in heels, a short transparent slip, garter belt, bikini/thong, and stockings. Not undies a working nurse would select unless she expected to take her uniform off during working hours. The blond actress is a tall figure model/dancer type, not the schoolgirl image. It’s a girlie show.

Dawes spanks her with an embossed leather paddle over a table, then shows her the cane. Four or five good hard strokes, then the first facial of this lovely actress, fully 20 minutes into the film. Dawes oils her bottom–she looks quite content. Who is nursing whom?

He continues her undressing himself, carefully peeling down her half-slip (no bra), unsnapping her garters, stockings off. He lets her stand there in just skimpy panties for a semi-breathless moment before he peels them down with fingertips as only a few CP competitors understand how to  do. The nurse is naked now, and as Dawes does, he slowly turns her for our benefit. Fall thatch of pubic hair.

More slow caning, now naked, about 8 strokes, hard, high and low, but not mean. More fondling and baby oiling. Not sure Johson&Johnson wanted their product identified on-screen.

The nurse kneels on the floor facing Dawes. This position would have led to a blowjob in later years, but here he reaches  over her to cane her buttocks vertically. To conclude, she stands facing us, providing another long frontal, her bottom in his face as he is seated, doing whatever he is doing back there.

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