A Punishment Lesson – 6666 PRODUCTIONS

13 Jul

M/3f; time: 55 minutes

This company seemed to have picked up films from other archives; this one feels like an older Moonglow, with some of their actors, the off-screen audience, and the set design.

A classic ageplay geezer, in shirt and necktie, is going to instruct three girls in the art of punishment. The girls are willing participants, in training to become “dominant ladies in a high class establishment” and are eager to learn. The lessons will be given before an unseen small live audience.

The instructor will refer to the girls by number. He explains, the first phase is an OTK spanking on clothing.

#1 goes first. She is a demure blonde, hair up in ribbons, sweet face, mild of gesture. She drops her own jeans. The actor doing the spanking smiles at us–he can’t believe he got this job. She stands and rubs, suitably impressed.

#2 is the smoky blond actress Elena. When she is spanked throughout this film, she tends to clench her buttocks in anticipation. “Try to relax, ” says the instructor.

#3 is an older brunette. He spanks her bent over the back of a straight chair and has his fun rubbing and grabbing after her jeans are down.

The instructor explains anotoher phase of the training. “More often, you will have to humiliate yourselves.” So these girls will be on both ends of this “high class establishment.” They stand against the wall, legs spread, trousers down, while he gropes the three.

After another brief “short and sharp” OTK for each girl, “Lesson two is the paddle.” “Does it hurt a lot more, sir?”  The geezer instructor positions the familiar padded spanking trestle. #1 goes over for a paddling on her jeans with a large embossed leather paddle; same for Elena, #2 and #3.

“On your feet, trousers down.” The girls bend over the trestle again, the instructor grabs a feel here and there. “All three, hands on your knees, face the wall.” He paddles the row.

“Lesson three is the tawse.” He explains the workings of the two different tawses. He asks Elena to tawse the #1 girl and has to encourage her; #3 tawses Elena, and the instructor steps in to pick up the pace; and last, #1 tawses #3 and asks in perfect British: “Am I doing OK, sir?” To conclude, the guy tawses each girl again, much harder.

“The next lesson is the cane. I want you to change into schoolgirl outfits and return in 20 minutes.” The girls leave the set to applause.

Brunette #3 returns in a purple outfit. “Take you skirt off, right off.” Over the trestle the instructor warms her bottom with a handspanking then yanks down her purple panties. The girl lifts her hips to assist, because all this is a training session. He snaps 6 with one cane then 6 with another. Horizontal lines ripen.

Cute blonde #1; “skirt off!” over the trestle, handspanking warmup, pants down, she gets a harder caning, almost 10 from each.

And last is Elena, about 10 each. The only vaginal glimpses in the whole video occur here, thanks to her hard buttocks and slightly bow-legged thighs. Elena clenches and relaxes her cheeks in anticipation during the procedure. Fun to watch, her bottom almost breathing on its own.  When the instructor strokes his results, he gets a finger between her legs.

The girls leave the set. When they return, burnette #3 has quit the club–too severe (not really!). To ensure the girls are really fit for the club, he has them cane each other one more time–about a half-dozen each. We like Elena’s technique of tap-tap-tap-snap.

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