Jenny’s Audition – 6666 PRODUCTIONS

13 Jul

M/f; time: 15 minutes

This seems to be an “audition” of Jenny, and is nothing more than a sleazy motel shoot of a girl willing to take a spanking, Jenny is getting a long spanking OTK  bare-bottom over a male’s lap (John) on a couch, with a variety of implements, while a female voice behind the camera gives prompts. “Feet down.” It is beginning to hurt; Jenny twists and jumps, showing us a heavy pubic bush.

Her next posture for the camera is to bend over the desk for the martinet, she pulls her tights down to her ankles. “Count, Jenny.” There is some discussion on how painful the spanking is. Facial views of all the participants are avoided. Next the cane–3 strokes. She can’t stay in position.

In the next discontinuous scene, Jenny is naked and takes a half-dozen from a crop. She now needs some encouragement from the directress behind the camera. Another cropping scene, with Jenny having put on some clothes. One stroke strikes a nerve and she jumps up: “fuck, now!” John creams her blotched bottom at the conclusion. Tagged on is a scene of her masturbating.


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