Spanking Triple Play #7 – PACIFIC FORCE

13 Jul

F/f; year: 2002; time: 30 minutes

We have not sought out much of this American producer, our preferences tend to run to British and European work. The director/producer/actress ‘Miss Jacqueline,’ who mixes CP, B and D, and conventional porn to make spanking videos, made a long series on this model. Each seems to come in three parts, short unrelated spanking vignettes, often featuring adult and CP film stars whose names are credited.

Part of this seventh edition is called “The Performance Review,” where a smarmy and insouciant cute brunette ‘Serenity’ accepts an “old fashioned spanking” rather than be fired. “How hard can a spanking be, anyway?” “Stand up, then.” “Now?” “Yes, now.”

The OTK spanking is ineffectual, sort of four cylinders instead of six or eight. Dress raised, light gray panties soon down. No one can fault PF for the endowments of  its actresses. The American hairbrush is a little tougher to take. Next, “all the way over the chair,” for a ruler. This concludes Serenity’s punishment.  She signs a “probation waiver” which hopefully includes an escalator clause for the next infraction. We’d like to be there.

Part two: actress Tami Moore makes a “spanking video” with Miss Jacqueline. Tami, tiny and a typical fully-packed adult actress, 10 pounds of female in a 5 pound bag, as it were, takes a handspanking OTK and in the diaper position, and paddling and the slipper on a workout bench, all the while assuming porno-like spread poses. Miss Jacqueline’s session concludes with a “good old fashioned caning,” just a few strokes, and a surprise to Tami, who admits that “caning is an acquired taste.”

Part three: “The Foul-Mouthed Girl Who Lived Next Door”: Actress Irene Boss gets a spanking for teaching a parrot dirty words. She is spanked and briefly caned, the hardest of the film, short snappy strokes which cause her to break position a few times and resulted in some choppy editing.

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