Table Dancers 1 – CALSTAR

15 Jul

F/f; time: 11 minutes

CalStar distributed a few of these ‘shorts,’ all about table- and lap-dancing strippers being punished for infractions on the job. Tough club this is, because spanking tends to take a girl out of work.

A brunette counts her tips on the white sectional CalStar couch. The female club manager interrupts and wants the other girls’ share of this money for the joint dances. She searches the brunette and makes the declaration: “be fired or take a damn good spanking.”

The girl accepts of course and the manager returns with such an armload of spanking  implements that the poor dancer must have palpitations. OTK on the long couch, skirt up, a slow handspanking. The dancer’s thong is so skimpy she looks naked. When the madame rolls it down, it’s a trifle. “You won’t be working for a week when I’m through with you.”

The dancer shifts position on the couch so the camera can get a better angle on her bottom, thong off, she pauses and allows the frontal view for a second. Bend-over the couch for CalStar’s trusty floppy paddle. “You’re suspended for a week.”

The girl stands and pulls off her dress–naked but for stockings. Very nice interlude. The manager selects a huge 2′ long floppy paddle, a puppy we haven’t seen before. Moderate stuff but sexy.

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