Claire’s Revenge – CALSTAR

16 Jul

M/f; time: 47 minutes

A not-too-clever mix of CP and B&D by CalStar; ‘Claire,’ a sexy brunette, stumbles home drunk from somewhere, swigging out of a bottle. She sprawls and unlaces a sexy short dress, showing plenty of this and that. Her husband Bob shows up,  is appropriately furious, and the spanking begins.

“Don’t treat me like a child,” she protests. They tussle and she is maneuvered OTK, skirt up. Her little white thong is so skimpy her bottom is completely bare. She is a good moaner. When Bob switches to a slipper (“That’s enough, Bob!”) she must count out twenty. He is straddling her back as she kneels on the floor, body on the bed. “That’s enough. I’ll do anything.”

“I think it’s time you got out of that dress..” She stands naked but for the thong trifle, spreadeagle, on toes, hands high, in the frisk position, while Bob gets a beer. They move to a wall, covered floor to ceiling by a mirror, which will provide 360 views on further action. A little spanking there, then naked Claire lies on the bed while Bob ties her wrists and ankles together with neckties. She rolls onto her stomach, face in the pillows, to provide that view we never tire of. She is left to “stew in your own juice,” and rolls about silently on the bed, B&D style, until she slips her hands under her thong and begins masturbating.

He releases Claire, makes her stand in the corner, hands-on-head, for a little more bottom smacking before they go to bed.

FADE to a new scene, where the writers must have run out of ideas. It may be a dream–Claire, in dominatrix leather and naked, handcuffs Bob to the bed, pulls his pants down, and strangles his limp penis with a little whip. This is silly; if he had been a little aroused this would have worked. She flogs his bare butt, makes him lick his boots; she strips to just her thong and continues spanking him. To  conclude, she sticks her breasts in his face for him to suck. He’s not very good at anything.

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