Working Girls Punished – CALSTAR

16 Jul

F/2f; time: 50 minutes

A full-length CalStar production formerly named ‘Working Girls Whipped’ (CalStar has renamed and re-issued many films)–formulaic discipline by three superior, very entertaining CP actors and lengthy spankings. Actress Catherine Corbett plays ‘Amy’  and a stunning brunette plays ‘Laura,’ both ‘working girls.’ Only one reference from Amy about they’re being “on their backs all night” suggests what kind of ‘work’  is involved.

The girls complain to each other about the poor pay, and so they have been holding out on ‘Mrs. Grant’ and not paying her the agreed percentage cut. The ‘Grant’  actress usually plays a dominant, but we’ve seen her spanked hard a few times, so we know she knows what brings results. Most notable for us was her performance in ‘A Very English Compromise,” on our Top list.

Grant confronts Amy and Laura in a storeroom, a bit inconsistent with our theory that they are call girls and she is a Madame. Grant figures she is owed 1000 pds. Amy is allowed to leave to get the money. Grant will simply keep on spanking Laura until Amy returns. Great concept, and it eliminated the need for a lot of spurious dialogue. “Get those shorts down.” Soon Laura’s little black boyshorts follow, and they shift sides to allow Grnat’s right arm to swing full and get her bottom closer to the camera. This actress spanks hard, selecting and zapping different spots, eliciting little yelps.

Laura is bent over storeroom boxes. first for a floppy leather paddle, then a palm-spanker, panties stretched at her ankles. “I hope she [Amy] gets back soon before I go to the cane for your bottom.” But Amy doesn’t; the set goes dead quiet as almost 50 cane strokes are shown, probably repeated from two or three angles. Some catch her thighs. Grant rubs and caresses.

Amy runs in breathless while Laura still has a few layers of skin left. To Amy: “Get that dress off and get your bottom over here so I can spank it.” And clever Grant makes Laura take off all her clothes so she won’t run off. Laura will remain on screen full frontal naked observing Amy’s session.

Amy is spanked in her bra and panties, but Grant can’t wait and pulls down the knickers. “This is entirely unfair,” Ms. Corbett declares in an accent worthy of the BBC. She struggles. Laura urges Grant to spank harder. She didn’t bring enough money. Over the boxes, the paddle, Ms. Corbett does her convincing crying.

Grant lets Laura use a whip on Amy. “Pathetic,” and it is. Amy jolts to Grant’s stiffer cracks. “Arch your back.” Grant and Laura both check with the director, surely looking for the cue to move to the cane phase.

“Get the next one,” Grant tells Laura. Amy’s long, almost silent caning begins, almost 50 on film. The noises of children playing and traffic off-set suggest triple repeats. But it’s a tough go, Corbett is an acknowledged brave and convincing actress,and the actress Grant always gets a bit excited and increases the severity as things progress.

The girls are sent off naked in the warehouse, bare feet on the cement. We had a lot of fun with this one, plausible, and not corny.

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