17 Jul

F/f; time: 35 minutes

Two CP queens in a lesbian-tinged squirmer. Suzi Martell, as ‘Debbie,’ lolls on a bed in a skimpy pink dress, chugging vodka, playing with herself and reaching back to smack her own buttocks. This is not starting out as one of your conventional drawing room fantasies, nor is there a schoolgirl to be seen. The actress Tiffany Jones, as ‘Danielle,’ arrives. They are roommates who share everything, literally.

Before she takes her clothes off in any of her films, Tiffany’s main feature is waist-length straight dark hair, and here she lets it out and brushes in elaborate style. Debbie joins to help. Danielle discovers that Debbie has laundered their matching tennis shorts so they are not ready for their scheduled match. This is all Debbie needs to start the spankings.

She goes to work on Debbie with the very same hairbrush, and hard, fussing with her panties, should they come down or not? Debbie spreads her legs wide–she’s in heat. The spanking continues on a bench in another room. Danielle notices Debbie’s arousal: “This is supposed to be punishment, not your get-off.” And suddenly Danielle notices, “Are these my knickers?”

Back into the bedroom, panties off, a tussle on the bed, and she gets Debbie into the reverse OTK position for the slipper. They talk dirty as she spanks. Debbie hands over her top and is down to just bra. There is an excellent almost fuzzy closeup of Debbie’s athletic bottom over Danielle’s shoulder. Danielle humps Debbie as she spanks. “Dirty girl, dirty girl.”

The lesbian mood is in full cry, Danielle sits astride Debbie face down and keeps smacking. Debbie rolls over onto her back, spreads her legs, and Danielle flails her pussy with a small whisk-like bundle. Erotic, itchy, inflaming. Debbie takes off her bra and kneels on the bed, bottom high, head down. Danielle uses a ruler while the camera walks around the bed.

There is a cane in the closet. Debbie lies flat and takes about 25 strokes. Danielle hikes up her own skirt and plays with herself with her free hand as she canes. The girls fondle each other and Debbie discovers Danielle is wearing HER KNICKERS. Now Debbie spanks Danielle, they cavort on the bed, and she starts with the oval paddle.

Debbie will try to cane Danielle and gives her about 35 tappity-taps, odd in that Tiffany Jones has taken  some sizzling spankings in her films. Ms. Martell is totally naked as she canes Tiffany, and she too tries to masturbate as she whacks. Martell kisses Jones’ bottom. “Cane me harder,” Jones says, and the next set of strokes is up to standard.

A door opens in the apartment, there is the sound of a male voice, and the final frame freezes on the two naked girls, caught, starting up in shock. Whoever it is, there is plenty of opportunity here.

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