International Discipline – SPANKAHOLICS

17 Jul

M/f; time: 35 minutes

Actress Angelina Veski plays a Polish exchange student visiting a friend of her father in England in this simple oeuvre. She finds his CP film collection and plays a DVD, which shows a conventional British schoolgirl episode of a spanking and caning in a school gym. Blue knickers, vaulting horse, ping pong bat, cane, etc. It looks pretty good to us, actually better than this story.

Angelina watches with combined horror and erotic fascination. She calls a friend to describe what she is viewing “This guy must be some kind of filthy beast.” She is on a modern cell phone, our only real clue as to the currency of this film.

Her host returns suddenly. What is this? She’ll be sent back to Poland; he’ll call her father, etc. Oh, no, etc.

They quickly agree to settle this violation of his privacy  (by a violation of her privacy). They’ll “abide by the British rule.” In a simple one-room setting, he takes Angelina lengthwise OTK on the couch, dress up, white panties on display. He has to pin down her flailing wrists. Angelina has a high, tight, and hard dancer’s bottom, distinct buttocks, very much what is needed to get this part. The handspanking is long and repetitive, albeit embarrassing when the white knickers go south.

The male host maneuvers her into the diaper position on the couch for more hand slaps. He drapes her over the couch arm. She has kicked off her panties. More spanking before he corners her, dress rucked up for the traditional British humiliation. He holds another DVD. “This is what is going to happen to you.”

Bend-over, hands-on-ankles, for a doubled belt. she must now take the rest of her clothes off, just the dress was remaining, while he teases her with the tip of the cane. In the background, we saw a custom-made spanking stool available at CP supply retailers. She kneels on its angled seat and bends over its slanted back, a posture desigined to elevate her bottom in the face of her tormentor.

Her host lays on about 15 backhand strokes, not hard but snappy. He actually pulls his punches. A “final six” touching toes. Not an impressive caning, but she is stark naked and doing a nice job of communicating helpless humiliation and vulnerability, including impressive tears, while taking in the experience of the British Vice.

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