The German Lesson – LUDWIG ROHRSTOCK

19 Jul

M/f; time: 8 minutes

We’ve read that American actress Niki Flynn made a number of very short films in her  brief CP career. This little gem is an example, so we are searching out the rest.  This one-scene exercise was made by German spanko and blogger Ludwig Rohrstock. Ms. Flynn made the rounds of most of the celebrated CP producers and got a taste of spanking from the best of them.

Niki appears on-screen in a short pleated plaid skirt and tight sleeveless knit jersey, an outfit she replicates in several films. It shows off her sleek and muscular body, adds an adolescent touch, and is easy to discard.

Ludwig is upset with her German language study. This lesson will be taught from the end of a cane; she will practice her numbers by counting strokes on her bare bottom. She bends forward, hands on a bench, and drops her white satin panties. The entire caning is filmed in semi-closeup, so that Niki fills most of the screen for the entire 8 minutes.

She takes 20 slow moderate strokes, crisp snaps, and counts aloud in German. Our copy had subtitles although both actors spoke mostly in English. Ludwig seems perplexed. “This is child’s play for you. You are not marking at all.”

He extends the 20 strokes he promised. “We’ll go to thirty.” It is sexy, well-acted, entertaining stuff, another example from Ms. Flynn that severity and raw results aren’t needed to achieve the erotic objective. Plenty of lovely facials as she flips her short black hair off her face for us.

At the conclusion they walk off together. Niki laughs at some ad lib remark from Ludwig which we could not decipher. What we would have said in that circumstance is that we needed to go somewhere to get some relief after such excitement.

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