Russian Slaves #1 -Birching Serf Girls – NETTLES

25 Jul

2M/2f; time: 32 minutes

Another awkward plot and premise with exploitative and humiliating punishment and debasement. Two tall and peasant-built Russian girls are in the woods and, according to the Cro-Magnon subtitles, they have been sent to harvest mushrooms. They both wear ankle-length silk-like nightgowns. When the Russians make a film, you don’t ask why someone would forage in the bush in such a getup.

The girls, Maria and Helen, decide there are no mushrooms so they strip off their gowns to sunbathe. They are completely naked underneath and display powerful, buxom bodies–big thighs, hard bottoms, full breasts. The girls loll on a towel on the leafy floor of the woods, providing nudie shots for a circling camera. One operator actually wanders on-screen later.

Ivan, the farm “manager” catches them, scolds up a storm. When he threatens to take them to the “master,” they beg on their knees, having gotten their gowns back on. In fact, the master is nearby, and he sends Maria off to cut some birches. She returns with just one switch, which we will see will work just fine.

Ivan ties Helen to a tree, wrists above her head, a heavy rope around her waist, and her ankles tied together. Typical of these Russian films, the tying is sloppy and inefficient. The ropes must be readjusted by the crew in cuts during the ensuing caning. Helen’s naked writhing against the tree in the leafy sunlight recalls many outdoor B&D romps.

Ivan lays the switch on Helen’s bare bottom, at least 20 strokes. The stripes, welts, and wheals rise as we watch. Helen’s crying seems legitimate. She has good reason, as her buttocks become a rocky road. Long holds on her bare bottom.

Redhead Maria will be whipped next. She is led to a low-hanging branch, where her wrists will be tied over her head. But first her gown is pulled off. She is even more glorious standing naked in the sunlight. Her switching is just as severe. She cries little desperate Russian exclamations after each of 20 strokes. As with Helen, Ivan is a wild and chaotic caner; marks appear on her thighs and lower back. The tears sound real to us, and Helen trembles convulsively.

The girls are marched off stumbling blindly through the woods, their gowns tied over their heads. Ivan slashes whatever buttock he can reach as they yelp.

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