Caning Trilogy – CALSTAR

25 Jul

year: 2000; time: 60 minutes

Three unrelated half-length performances, along the usual CalStar lines–pretty girls in trouble, events leading to rattan on flesh, and all female.

I- CATERING CATASTROPHE: A hefty brunette Lady Somes has hired a caterer, but the girl, silly goose, arrives late and unprepared. She is a sweet long auburn-haired breezy wisp in jeans and halter. The Lady who hired her spots a good thing–she’ll substitute take-out food for her guests and have her way with this young lady.

OTK she goes to start the handspanking; Lady stands the girl up and helps her down with her jeans; back OTK; the girl looks at the camera as if to say: “So, what’s the big deal?” She does twist and buck her bottom. There are more facials than normal–this director knows she is unusally pretty. When she stands to remove her bunched pants, we get the obligatory frontal time. The cane awaits, visible on the table.

Over the couch for several paddles, bare bottom high, straight legs, high heels, head low, multiple angles. No one handles this couch bend-over sequence better than CalStar. Lady tells her she is going to show her guests her spanked bottom–well she should, it is about a pretty a sight as imaginable.

Lady gets the girl’s simple top off–she covers up in modesty–and after all she has already shown us!  She is naked, and the Lady gets a huge, thick cane. About 20 strokes, with repeats, some really hurt–the girl had a difficult time holding position. This bottom will make a nice dinner decoration for the guests arriving soon, in the corner, among the potted plants.

II- DENTAL NIGHTMARE: A CP version of the fantasies you have when the dental hygenist bustles around in the office in her shorty uniform–here the patient is female, the hygenist a sexy thing herself. The patient is put under with nitrous oxide and the scene fades to a more complicated medical setting, doubling as a BDSM chamber. This will be her imagined punishment for not having a dental checkup more often.

The doctor starts her brunette patient OTK, knit dress up, firm spanking on a white-pantied high and solid bottom. The “treatment” continues with panties down, slow and sexy. Dress off, no bra, a thin young body. The patient is then draped over a bench-couch, perfect for naughty deployments of all sorts; the “doctor” fusses her panties to the exactly specified thigh location.

There follows a remarkably long caing sequence, over 75 strokes, hard, snappy,and fast, repeats from several angles, cleverly pasted together so that it still doesn’t seem enough.

III- TABLE DANCERS II: The same Lady Somes actress as in Part I above; this is the second part of a depiction of table dancers/strippers being disciplined for poor work. We’re on the CalStar white couch. The madame, to a sweet brunette in barely legal little blue frock: “I’m going to give you a damn good thrashing with the cane” to show the other girls, for proof. “I think we could lose the dress” and the black panties come off. She is naked but for black stockings.

The madame announces a “warmup” of a couch handspanking. We move to the cane, in the same exactingly choreogrpahed bend-over at the couch, boobs hanging. 35 strokes with repeats; she jumps up at 25. it appears there was a little on-set discussion, like maybe, how much more of this is there going to be?

She is suspended for a week, but first she must show her peers the results.

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