Mr. Cooper’s Punishment – CALSTAR

25 Jul

M/2f; year: 2004; time: 58 minutes

A followup to ‘Mrs. McClusky’s Punishment,’ and retitled ‘Headmistress’s Study #4 by some distributors; two more schoolgirls hauled into the headmisgtress’s office. Deputy Head Mr. Cooper, the late classic ageplay CP actor ‘Tom Cooper,’ found in MOONGLOW and CALSTAR archives, who we’ve suspected must be a majority stockholder in these companies to get  these parts, catches actresses ‘Emma Brown’ and ‘Nicky Montford’ outside a church, where they just pilfered the collection box.

Headmistress McClusky is away, so Cooper has the run of the office and the spanking implements. He promises the church vicar “I will severely thrash them….they won’t be sitting down for a week…”

The office setting is the narrow hallway-like paneled space, where a number of entertaining CALSTAR  films were made.

Short pretty Brown (the actress Emma Brown again) is first to go OTK. Blue knickers. “It hurts, sir.” “It’s supposed to hurt,” this actor entones yet again. Pants down. “Oh no, sir.” He is fascinated with that butterfly love tattoo on her left buttock, its appearance we always eagerly await. The audio is so sharp we can hear his hands smoothing her buttocks. Brown tells him: “Male teachers are not supposed to spank girls on their bare bottoms.” Irrelevant apparently, because Cooper is the DEPUTY HEAD.

Brown is cornered with instructions to keep her bottom exposed. Tall and lanky brunette Nicky Montford goes over next; the spanking is not stirring. “Is that all you can do, sir?” she chides. He finds some cane marks from an audience with McClusky from “last week.” In fact, Ms. Montford was such a sought-after CP model she must have always have marks. We can see trace slashes on the thigh similar to those taken by “Marshall” in ‘Mrs. McClusky’s Discipline.’

Both girls must display their bottoms while Cooper gets the paddles. The girls take turns over the desk for paddles and a strap.

“Right. Caning time….you first, Brown.” Over she goes, bottom bare, for a full 10 minutes of caning, almost 50 strokes shown. She wiggles her tush as if it itched. Excellent closeups, and the camera detects she is becoming sexually aroused. It is a memorable session and this actress demonstrates her experience.

Montford comes out next and she is not as tough, st least in this film, although her reputation is quite he contrary. She takes about 30 strokes, stretches her panties tight at her ankles, and marks up quickly. Brown smart-mouths something from the corner, giving Montford a break, and is put back for a half-dozen more, very fast.

Bottoms on parade, the girls think they’re done. But Montford sticks out her tongue—over she goes for 8 very much harder strokes, but on her knickers, most likely to preserve whatever is left of her for the next filming.

So there will be no more stealing. If we were Cooper, we’d patrol the grounds with extra care on days McClusky was away and her office was available.

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