Tanya Fox Meets Joanne Jameson – NUWEST FCV-010

25 Jul

F/f; time: 16 minutes

A brief exercise, a combination of corporal punishment and lesbian sex, and another chance to examine the stunning and willing adult star Tanya Fox. She will be spanked and fondled by NuWest staffer Joanne Jameson, in five scenes.

I- A vigorous OTK spanking is underway, centered in the studio,straight chair on an Oriental rug–Tanya in a breezy summer dress, conventional innocent makeup, and tossing carefully trimmed black pageboy hair. When Joanne flips up her dress and pulls down her panties, Tanya: “How embarrassing.” How sweet.  Joanne opens Tanya’s legs,gives her a jolly frigging, one of many she gets in this short video, we’ve seen described aptly elsewhere as “find the olive.”  Tanya does the girl-on-girl as if she means it. And there’s that intimate jewelry again.

II- Plenty of barely audible interplay between the two girls. Joanne: “I will have some special instructions for you.” Tanya, in a liquid tone: “Really, what would you like me to do?” She is over the NuWest punishment box, in bra and panties. Joanne circles, equally stripped down, pulls Tanya’s panties down in the style we like, and cracks her with a large stiffened round leather paddle, with lusty olive searches mixed in. Joanne uses the paddle handle where it will do the most good. Whispered sexy dialogue.

III-Tanya is strapped down on the padded inverted ‘V’ peaked bench, bare bottom high, which is really something to see, given Tanya’s bottom is already one of the Seven Wonders. Joanne, in sports bra and pants, uses a martinet between screeching aggressive frigs. The camera shoots between Tanya’s legs.

IV-Both girls in sorts of bustiers, garters, and stockings. Tanya is strung up, spreader bar between her ankles, and she leans forward, thrusting her bottom out even more. The frigs here are positively squishy. We thought we heard Tanya begging for a strap-on we know is in NuWest’s supply closet. Joanne: “I just want to tease until the very end.” That would be us, too.

V-Last, still strung up but higher, Tanya’s feet kick in mid-air; she scissor-straddles Joanne in a leglock and gets some very intimate attention in return, in this truncated concluding segment.

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