To Taste The Strap – B&D PLEASURES

25 Jul

M/3f; year: 1991; time: 54 minutes

Three M/f spanking scenarios with actor Sonny Daze, each with an adult film star whose charms without pants especially please and qualify her for CP filming. The spankings are mild and on the playful side. The attractions for us here are the glorious actresses, who are performing in various states of undress (and duress).

I-Sonny and actress Kym Wilde play on a couch. She wants a spanking and puts a video in a VCR to entice Sonny. Sounds of a squealing spanking are heard from the tape as Kym seduces Sonny. “I’ve been naughty,”  she coos, flashing her bottom. Kym looks 6 inches taller than Sonny and seems mostly legs, with a hard dancer’s bottom.

He plays with her OTK, gets her stripper’s latex skirt off, her thong down, for playful spanking and strapping. She wants to get in bed. “Now?’ she begs. “Not now….but this is a heck of a way to warm up.” Kym’s big powerful bottom is totally red before he carries her off-set.

II-Sonny w/curly haired British actress Tina. “Well, well, Tina. You finally made it to the punishment room.” He gets tiny Tina OTK, is amazed at her skimpy thong, and spanks her suntanned bottom. After some strapping, hands-on-chair, Tina lies lengthwise over a vaulting horse for 24 strokes of the cane, which are counted aloud. The strokes, as with all the spanking in this film, are not mean enough to raise welts, but she dances to the sting, her toes just touch the floor. At the conclusion, cornered, bottom on display, to the camera: “Maybe I should do this again.”

III-The estimable Tanya Fox appears with Sonny, as a frisky schoolgirl, dressed in black-and-white shoes, knee socks, plaid skirt, sweater-vest, blouse, and necktie. According to Ms. Fox’s filmography, she made a series of CP videos in the early 1o990’s, winding away from hardcore films.

“Wow…Sonny Daze…I’ve always wanted to be spanked.” Sonny: “Let’s get started, then,” as he rubs his hands together. “Are you warming up your hands for me?”

Tanya is invited to select a spanking implement from Sonny’s collection hanging on the wall. She picks a strap. “Ooh, thick!” Lots of playful erotic CP chatter throughout. Ms. Fox excels in naughty ad lib spanking talk. Sonny straps her down to the bench. Tanya coos in mock submission. Skirt up, loose white panties, a mild strapping. “Oh, it stings, sir.”

Sonny pulls down her panties to get at her “perfectly bare bottom,” and Tanya lifts her hips to assist in the frolic. The camera shoots up her legs from below. As he spanks, she kicks her legs wildly, encumbered by her panties at her ankles. “Are you having fun with your panties, fulfillinng your dreams?” “Yes, air.” After more strapping, Sonny strokes her bottom with his fingernails then releases her. Scrumptious Tanya gets up, favoring her sore bottom. “Oh, I’m dizzy.”

If you look at her films credited in 1991, you can understand she could not afford to take a severe spanking and keep up her appointments.

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