Ace of Spades – LUPUS/RIGID EAST

26 Jul

2M/3f; year: 2007; time: 25 minutes

A simple two-scene story, set in Prague, in the 1930’s, where a pimp of prostitutes, played by notorious spanker Jan Zlotousty, gambles in the back room of a bar with other sleazy low-life, street-living friends.

The men drink, gamble, and smoke at a little table–a realistic, if a bit theatrical, scene. A shabby brunette ‘Dara’ creeps in with some money she has earned for Jan. It is an insufficient amount and she has held back some, so he puts her over the card table in front of the other men, skirt up, satin shorts down,and gives her a hard whipping with his belt. The girl screams and twists; it is typical Lupus-harsh and severe, instant marks.

After another FADE, actress Alexandra Wolf, acting as procurer for the pimp, brings two more girls in to see Jan and his gambler-friends. After another FADE, Jan meets a ‘john’ customer, dressed in a black suit and bowler to suggest some sophistication. He seems to want a girl he can whip.

Jan introduces the two girls Wolf has in tow, blond Nikol and buxom frosted blond Petra. After some interplay, he gets the girls to strip naked. Both are shaved clean. He requires them to do simple PT exercises nude. He is going to spank Nikol first; Petra ties her to the frame of a brass single bed. Petra is delightfully nervous, and both girls present plenty of high-style Lupus bare-bottom in the process of securing her to the bed.

The john begins a harsh flogging with a leather strap. Nikol breaks free from the poorly tied rope bonds and struggles to overcome her instincts to escape the strap. The john wrestles to hold her over the bedstead and gags her with a simple cloth, maybe her panties. Because she evades so much, the strap marks show all over her buttocks and thighs as the john slashes.

Jan enters this melee and is clearly angry that his girls are putting up such a fuss with the lucrative john. Petra unties what bonds remain on the surging Nikol and herself kneels on the floor, lies over the bed, and presents her bottom for her turn. She is a more traditionally buxom Victorian figure than Nikol, who herself is an eyeful, being all-bottom.

The john whips Petra and she too breaks free of the weak ties Nikol did to hold her. She squawks–turned down our volume.

FADE, still in the shabby bedroom. Ms. Wolf and another gambler, ‘Lucas,’ inspect the girls’ bottoms. Wolf pursues Lucas around the room for some infraction. The film ends back at the gambling table……


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