Caned and Shamed – SPANKINGONLINE (SOL)

26 Jul

M/f; time: 33 minutes

We have spent some money with this Internet-related company, which has collected a few pearls from various vaults and issued medium-length no-nonsense spanking films, with plausible storylines, some CP stars, and effective action.

In this film, a diminuative schoolgirl stands in a corner of an office, apparently awaiting the arrival of a disciplinarian. She pulls her pants down, fondles her bottom, and plays with herself; the nervous anticipation of getting a spanking is not all bad.

A male teacher enters, scolds her (we couldn’t hear her offenses). She is quickly and willingly OTK, skirt up, white panties. He raises an even red glow on both cheeks below the knickers on her bare thighs.

Panties down, not a sound, she remains steady and tranquil. She stands for more lecturing, unconcerned by the fuzzy frontal display she presents, panties puddled on her shoes. Sexy. She is cornered and allowed to rub.

The male returns after this break and takes a cane off a hook where it has been looming under her gaze.  The young lady assumes the position, hands on ankles, and takes 17 strokes before she jumps up out of position, fighting hysteria. Back in position–15 more zingers.

FADE to a bedroom scene; she must be in boarding school; she masturbates in bed and there are flashbacks of her spankings, caning, and humiliation. She has a huge battery-operated dildo with the little attachment to get at her clitoris. She knows just what to do and jerks to orgasm.

She dresses slowly into schoolgirl kit and reports to the same office, for more punishment. She must bend over, the teacher lowers her pants–there are the results of the previous caning. He lays on 10 more cane strokes, and then with a touch of insidious meanness, he lays on 10 more on her buttocks crease and upper thighs. She is in tears, hands over her panties, and willingly spreads her legs.

She positions a small chest and climbs on, into the diaper position, for another round of caning, all much more than punishment by now.

Before she returns to the corner, she must completely undress–blazer, blouse, skirt. Nervous shivers–very good. But even more, a naked bend-over for six more with the cane, before she collapses naked on the floor into the fetal position, looking very small.

Back in the corner, closeups on her bottom show the canings were indeed low on her buttocks, the upper portions are mostly clear, not laddered as we are used to.

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