Final Warning – CONNOISSEUR CP

26 Jul

F/2f; year: 2004; time: 1 hr 6 minutes

Actress ‘Monica’ plays the cousin of two girls staying with her, who have been suspended from school for smoking and drinking. Naughty girls headed for slaughter. This is part 1 of a harmless group-spank, performed by seasoned actors. Probably part 2 was made at the same time, necessitating a clear bottom to reflect the passage of time.

Monica’s mother, the girls’ aunt, reminds them they can be sent to ‘Mr. Bottomley’s Reform School’ for a five-day session, a visit which worked wonders for Monica. In fact, we will see this operation in the sequel, ‘Five Days In Reform School,’ because the girls do end up getting a weekend there. The girls are left in Monica’s care, who leaves them alone. They quickly get into smoking, drinking wine they found, and taking and posting obscene photos of each other onto the Internet, with a large digital camera and a laptop. Actresses ‘Kara-Jane’ and ‘Morgan Taylor’ play the parts, two experienced CP actors.

Monica returns, stops the skylarking. She’s going to give them “a spanking, a strapping,” right now. She smacks both bottoms, skirts up, as they kneel on the couch. “Wait till you get to that reform school.”

Morgan, a solid frizzy-haired blonde, will be spanked first. On the chair, handspanks, a large floppy red paddle used very hard, and a thin strap. Lots of pauses for rubbing. Panties survive. Kara peeks from the couch.

Blond pageboy Kara, more diminuitive, is next for the paddle. She bends rather than kneels and Monica takes a few shots at her thighs, which elicits yelps. Kara gets a bit of the strap, then Monica lines up the two bare bottoms for comparison, then sends the girls to put on pajamas while she gets the cane.

The girls return in pj’s and see the cane. “Unhfortunately, there has to be a grand finale….if you go to that school you will have this every day.” Morgan bends over a chair and gets a dozen cane strokes on her pj pants.

A word here about pajamas. It is difficult to look on a pretty girl in two-piece pajamas without conjuring a little nighty-night session. Drawstrings are our preference. On another occasion we’ll list some of our favorite pajama scenes. “Morgan, take down your pajama bottoms.” 12 more on the bare, counted out.

Kara wears pink pajamas. Over a chiar, 12 on pants, then 12 on the bare. In all cases, the girls carefully guard against any frontal glimpses. “How does your bottom feel, Kara?” “Sore.” The girls are sent off.

FADE to a new day, the mother has returned. She discovers the salacious photos on the laptop.

The girls will be going “to the reform school tomorrow morning.” We guess you just call the place, make reservations, and send along the fee later. Must be exciting when the phone rings in that place.

But first, the mother will spank everybody, including Monica, who failed to supervise. She sees the cane marks on Kara, unauthorized, in fact earning Monica a seat in the car to the reform school tomorrow. She spanks and paddles all three girls in the conventional fashion.

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